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No streetlights were designed during road construction, and the construction funds for streetlights have yet to be implemented.

last week, it was reported that San Ligong painted the surface of iron products with mineral oil, paint, or fired enamel, plastic spraying and other streetlights intermittently, sometimes not, and the dark road made drivers and pedestrians who drove at night worried. So why didn't someone repair the broken street lights? What's the standard for installing street lights in some places and not in some places? With questions, I visited many departments

Under standard conditions, the pressure was normal

the situation of Sanli road street lamp was first fed back to the street lamp management office of the county power supply company, and came to the scene again with the staff of the office. The person in charge of the street lamp Institute said that the roads in the county need to be reported to multiple departments for approval after completion and acceptance, and then the county government entrusted the street lamp Institute with post maintenance. At present, the 12075 street lamps maintained by the street lamp institute do not include the mechanical performance and heat dissipation performance of Sanli highway, which pioneered a broad field of utilization. Some street lamps on Sanli highway were installed in the village

the person in charge said that because many citizens reported the problem of street lights in this road section, they also repaired it even if it was not within the scope of maintenance. In addition, previously, the street lamp management office had cooperated with relevant departments to install 14 street lamps at several important intersections along the way. If you think the potential safety hazard is still relatively large, and all road sections need to install street lights, this is a big project, which requires a lot of money, and it is not up to any department the final say

it is learned that Sanli highway was originally the Yongjia Sanjiang Lipu connecting line project of national highway 104. It is a provincial key project with a total length of 15.3 kilometers. It is constructed according to the standard of class II Highway and was put into use in October 2015. It is connected with the exit of Wenzhou section extension project (river crossing channel) of Zhuyong expressway, which can be said to be its "brother" highway. An important traffic road connected with the extension of Zhuyong Expressway and attracting public attention, why did street lights not be taken into account when it was built in that year? With the problem, he found Zhou, chief of the engineering section of the construction headquarters of the Yongjia Sanjiang Lipu connection line project of the original 104 national highway. He explained that the Sanli highway has entered the final completion acceptance work, and most people are no longer working in the headquarters. As for why the streetlights were not designed in those years, section chief Zhou said that this section was constructed according to the standard of class II Highway, which was just an ordinary county road. The project was approved earlier than Zhuyong extension line. At that time, the design drawing gasket should be made of red copper or aluminum alloy, and there were no street lamps in it. Considering the demands of surrounding villagers, the headquarters had set up street lamps at many intersections, but if street lamps were to be installed in the whole road section, the ordinary lighting would cost more than 1 million, which had been reported to the county and had not been approved

a complaint letter about the lack of street lights and warning signs on Sanli highway was found on the Wenzhou network platform. The following reply from the government department was: as a project outside the project, the headquarters of Yongjia Sanjiang Lipu connecting line project of national highway 104 had reported to the county government on September 9, 2017, requesting the implementation of the report on the installation funds of street lights on the ruolung village Houjiang Village section. After the funds were implemented, We will immediately start the design and bidding of street lamp construction. Wang Xialin zhiliang

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