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Strategy and excellent operation under the crisis

in recent years, both the service industry and the manufacturing industry have paid more attention to operational capabilities than to the strategy itself. Perhaps the reason can be explained by a widely recognized sentence in the business management community: most enterprises do not lack strategy, what they lack is implementation strategy. This sentence is more reasonable in China

ten years ago, the wind of learning blew in the domestic business community, and the "strategy" received unprecedented attention. The chairmen and general managers took the opportunity to decorate their quotations library with popular foreign words: "blue ocean", "competing", "storm", "do right things right", "chief XX officer", etc. The newly whitewashed domestic enterprises also have more reasons to start moving towards the ambitious goals of "going global", "becoming bigger and stronger", "becoming a world-class enterprise" and so on

up to now, many international enterprises have not even stood firm in the domestic market, and those that once wanted to become bigger and stronger are neither big nor strong. In addition to the state-owned monopoly enterprises, which have begun to become famous in the world in terms of scale and profits, if they are really in good luck, they must specify the corresponding handover system, and their operating efficiency and profitability are still very few to achieve world-class

what is our problem? I think, excluding various external environmental reasons, from the perspective of enterprise management, it should not be strategy, but implementation. Gerstner, former CEO of IBM, was quite touched when talking about the relationship between strategy and execution. "It is extremely difficult to formulate a unique company development strategy, and what is more difficult is that if you have actually formulated such a strategy, it is difficult for you to apply it properly"

if strategy is a method, operation is the specific operation steps to realize the method. The quality of operation capability determines how the strategy is implemented. The Citi crisis and the collapse of Lehman remind us that sometimes the success or failure lies in that small detail

operational excellence comes from English operational excellence (also known as process excellence), which basically belongs to the same category as several other words bpi/bpm (business process improvement/Business Process Management). The term "excellent operation" comes from TQM, that is, total quality management. The formation of TQM comes from the famous "big four", that is, four famous statistical quality management experts committed to applying statistical methods to enterprise production management in the mid-20th century: W. Edwards Deming, Joseph Juran, Philip B. Crosby, Kaoru Ishikawa

it can be said that operation excellence is an extension of TQM at the level of enterprise operation process. Six Sigma is also a statistical quality management idea that inherits the essence of TQM. It was founded by Motorola, carried forward by Lianxin and Ge, and then adopted by industry leaders around the world to improve production quality, reduce defects, and improve product research and development and the overall operation efficiency of the enterprise

with the help of traditional process management and statistical analysis methods represented by six sigma, excellent operation can improve the efficiency and quality of enterprise processes and reduce process costs, so as to achieve the improvement of overall enterprise profits and cost reduction, and also improve internal and external customer satisfaction. Excellent operation is increasingly used in various links such as customer relationship improvement (such as centers and customer service departments), supply chain optimization (supply, inventory, delivery, transportation, etc.), sales and market improvement (analysis and management of sales activities, efficiency of market activities, customer segmentation, channel operation optimization, marketing automation, etc.)

not long ago, China Merchants Bank officially launched the Six Sigma introduction plan, which will apply the excellent operation means represented by six sigma to the retail and corporate businesses of China Merchants Bank at the same time, so as to further improve the operation level of China Merchants Bank. The operation and management of China Merchants Bank has always been ahead of its domestic counterparts, which has been the consensus in the industry. This time, China Merchants officially decided to introduce six sigma, which highlights that China Merchants Bank, as the retail bank with the largest domestic market share, has far more awareness at the implementation level than other commercial banks

it is reported that CMB has been promoting the concept of Six Sigma and finally decided to fully introduce it for a long time, and the whole process is also rigorous and careful. In the previous pilot projects, China Merchants Bank launched a series of pilot projects to test whether this advanced concept and method can be accepted by the existing culture, system and personnel of China Merchants Bank. The pilot projects for half a year show that almost every project has achieved a significant improvement in key performance indicators and a considerable improvement in operational capacity. The entire management of China Merchants Bank also unanimously praised the success of the pilot projects

unlike the manufacturing industry, all products are finally delivered to customers in the form of service processes that narrow the overall quality gap with different brands of vehicles. Process capability is critical to the operational efficiency and customer satisfaction of China Merchants Bank. For a domestic bank famous for its high-quality service, such a strategic decision to further improve customer satisfaction and reduce operating costs is particularly eye-catching in the context of the economic tide sweeping the world

at the level of excellent operation tools, China Merchants Bank also followed the consistent principle of "the most suitable, but also the best", and chose the products of JMP, a high-end Six Sigma solution supplier. After nine months of testing JMP and Minitab, another statistical analysis software, CMB finally chose JMP. However, the vibration caused by the transportation process is unavoidable. According to relevant insiders of China Merchants Bank, JMP is far superior to similar software on the market in statistical analysis ability, ease of learning and use, graphic effect, scalability and other aspects. JMP and its brother product SAS have always been the first choice of the global financial industry in statistical analysis and improvement. At the beginning of 2008, Bank of America also made a major decision to replace its global excellent operation and Six Sigma improvement software from Minitab to JMP to meet the needs of increasing business complexity and project promotion efficiency

after nine months of comparison and testing, China Merchants Bank chose Six Sigma and JMP, the eight frequent failures of the impact testing machine, which can be said to have made a correct decision at an appropriate time. It is believed that six sigma and JMP will more effectively help China Merchants Bank provide more efficient, convenient and satisfactory services in the future, and become an international bank representing the advanced level of China's banking industry, Set an example in excellent execution. (end)

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