The hottest Siemens sued Dongguan Siemens for 2.05

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Siemens then sued Dongguan "Siemens" for 2.05 million

there is a Siemens AG in Germany, which established Siemens (China) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Siemens China) in China. These two companies do not produce elevators, but produce key parts. Dongguan Siemens Elevator Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Dongguan Siemens) specializes in the production, marketing and maintenance of elevators

yesterday morning, the case of Siemens China suing Dongguan Siemens for infringement of the right to trade name was heard in the Dongguan intermediate court. The two sides reached a settlement, Dongguan Siemens compensated 120000 yuan and changed the enterprise name within 3 months

go to court to claim 2.05 million

this is not the first time for both parties to go to court. In March, 2010, Siemens AG and Siemens China, as joint plaintiffs, took Dongguan Siemens to court. The plaintiff believed that Dongguan Siemens infringed the exclusive rights of Siemens and Siemens trademarks. The Guangzhou intermediate people's court ruled that the two trademarks involved in the case were well-known trademarks and ordered Dongguan Siemens to stop using them

after the judgment came into effect, in July 2012, Siemens China sent a letter to Dongguan Siemens, requesting that Siemens and Siemens brand names be stopped. Siemens China said that Dongguan Siemens had not changed its enterprise name and obtained the capital injection from the U.S. government, so it took it to court again and claimed 2.05 million

this time, Siemens China sued the company name of Siemens in Dongguan for using the word Siemens, which caused an infringement of the enterprise's name right, and believed that its website domain name also constituted an infringement

reached a settlement, renamed and lost money

yesterday morning, the case was heard in the Grand Court of Dongguan intermediate people's court. During the trial, Siemens China withdrew its appeal to Dongguan Siemens to stop using the domain name involved due to insufficient evidence and other reasons

Siemens does not produce elevators, but key parts. Siemens' agent in China said that Dongguan Siemens and its industry, the enterprise name constitutes infringement

if the electrical devices do not add frequency converters

in this regard, the agent of Dongguan Siemens replied that the elevator production is a special industry, which is different from the production of household appliances, so the two companies belong to completely different industries, so they do not infringe

at the end of the trial, the software will reset the torque value. Both parties expressed their willingness to mediate and finally reached a settlement agreement. The two sides agreed that Dongguan Siemens would change its enterprise name within three months, stop using the domain name, and compensate Ximen for 120000 yuan. After all, the experimental equipment is metal products. If Dongguan Siemens fails to perform on schedule, the compensation amount will be increased to 200000 yuan

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