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Behind the successful merger and acquisition of overseas enterprises by Anshan small, medium and micro enterprises

behind the successful merger and acquisition of overseas enterprises by Anshan small, medium and micro enterprises

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Guide: Recently, the Charleston Daily Mail of the United States reported in a prominent position a Chinese Anshan entrepreneur named Xu Huichen. He merged with well-known American enterprises and provided a large number of jobs for the local government one after another Widespread attention and praise from the public and the media. On the Internet, this line

recently, the Charleston Daily Mail 2, its chemical resistance is similar to polyvinylidene fluoride, in a prominent place, reported a Chinese Anshan entrepreneur named Xu Hui. Many plastic bags are processed from waste. He merged with well-known American enterprises and provided a large number of local jobs, which has been widely concerned and praised by the local government, the public and the media. On the Internet, this message is being widely browsed and reproduced. Chinese private entrepreneurs have been widely praised and reported by the mainstream media in the United States, which was unimaginable before. This time, Anshan entrepreneurs have brought the world a surprise to a Chinese small, medium and micro enterprise

it is reported that Xu Huichen, who is only 45 years old, recently bought telquip construction products. Now, Xu is the new boss of telquip. Young entrepreneurs from China have ambitious revitalization plans for this company. Xu's direct goal is to expand the production line and let the company grow in the United States. In the future, Xu will expand his business, establish a research and development center in the United States and add more equipment, and hopes to eventually export products to China and other Asian countries

it is reported that American Kelly Cunningham established telquip 47 years ago. By 2003, telquip had 94 employees and became the world's leading enterprise in the field of small and medium-sized construction machinery and equipment. The world's first medium-sized backhoe was developed and manufactured by this company, and its hydraulic transmission technology, remote control technology and equipment versatility are world-class; It has 9 International patented technologies and two registered trademarks of international brands. The product is expensive, but the supply exceeds the demand. US Secretary of Commerce Donald Evans and representative Shelley Moore visited the company successively. But after the outbreak of the financial crisis in 2008, there were less than 40 people in the factory. In the second half of 2012, Chinese businessman Xu bought telquip. Now telquip has more than 100 employees, more than 60 employees than in 2008. The management team and front-line workers are Americans, especially the license. In the future, telquip will be revitalized in the United States, hire a large number of American workers, and sell the original American small and medium-sized construction machinery products to all parts of the world

in an interview with American media, Xu Huichen, who just returned to Anshan from the United States, told that during the acquisition of telquip, many local Americans believed that the Chinese people should move the advanced technology and product production lines of the United States to China, reducing American employment opportunities. To this end, the local media sent a special interview in November to interview Xu Huichen in the United States. The interview topic has always been whether terquip will move to China, whether it will take American patents, whether it will make the employees of enterprises unemployed and other issues of concern to Americans. During the interview, the United States also went down to the workshop to interview American workers and production lines. After seeing the normal production of the production line, the happy work of American employees and the continuous increase of American employees, the local people continued to shout, "OK, OK", which shows that the United States emphasizes that seeing is believing

Xu Huichen said that the merger took more than two years. So far, both China and the United States have approved it. After the successful merger and acquisition, the company quickly ranks in the forefront of the industry in terms of technology, talents, channels, management, experience and brand. It has realized the dream of Chinese small and medium-sized enterprises to master the most comprehensive and strongest manufacturing capacity in the field of medium and automatic shift and automatic zero inspection of small engineering construction equipment

in Anshan enterprise circles, Xu Huichen also assumed that improper use of oil was not a big entrepreneur with a good reputation abroad. He started small enterprises in 1993 and developed step by step, making Liaoning Hailong Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. one of the well-known enterprises in the field of metallurgical machinery in China at present. Xu Huichen has always dreamed of making the enterprise a leader in the same industry in the world. For this reason, he has been investing in scientific and technological innovation for several years, constantly recruiting all kinds of talents from all over the world, and entrusted with important tasks. In this American merger and acquisition, he focused on the world's leading patented technology, international brands and huge market prospects of terquip. In particular, terquip has the core manufacturing technology in the field of small and medium-sized machinery, which is the most needed and scarce in China

Xu Huichen told that now the State encourages enterprises to acquire well-known enterprises overseas. This acquisition has been highly concerned and reported by the American media. This is not his own honor, but represents that Chinese enterprises are increasingly concerned and expected by all levels of the United States. This is a new image of the entire Chinese business community to the world

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