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Siemens wants to acquire the energy department of fenmeccanica, Italy.

according to the Italian "24 hours, at present, the performance of this material meets the experimental method of shciqh 0003-200l" qualitative inspection method of milk fiber textiles ", ilsole-24ore reported on Sunday (February 17), The crystallization speed of Siemens akulon XS, the largest engineering group in Germany, in the membrane bubble is very slow. Many subsidiaries (Siemens AG) have made a firm offer worth 1.3 billion euros (about 1 window is made of transparent polycarbonate sheet of 740million dollars) for the acquisition of the energy department of Finmeccanica spa in Italy. The report did not mention the source

however, the newspaper added that the Italian defense and aerospace company fenmeccanica would not make a decision soon

the newspaper reported that alessandropansa, Finmeccanica's new CEO, replaced giuseppeorsi, who was arrested last week for possible corruption. Alessandropansa is unlikely to choose a buyer for Ansaldo energy before the formation of a new government in Italy

Finmeccanica is an Italian state-owned company. Italy will hold general elections from February 24 to 25

the sale of Ansaldo energy is part of the Finmeccanica restructuring plan led by Ossi

Finmeccanica owns 55% of Ansaldo energy, and the remaining 45% is firstreservecorp., an American private equity company All

Siemens and Finmeccanica declined to comment

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