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Siemens has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Hegang group to jointly carry out intelligent manufacturing

6. After the test pieces are broken, we can carry out in-depth cooperation in the fields of digital chemical plants, intelligent manufacturing, energy conservation and environmental protection, and metallurgy. Although we want to remain ahead, we can't slack off the improvement of gold process, Jointly build a smart factory model of Hegang group

Siemens will provide service guarantee for the whole life cycle of Siemens products for Hegang group

Siemens will cooperate with Hegang Mining Company to analyze the development trend of plastic film blowing machine industry, and is committed to realizing digital mine management in Hegang Mining Industry

Siemens and Hegang Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hegang group) will sign a strategic cooperation agreement in the digital chemical plant Carry out in-depth cooperation in the fields of intelligent manufacturing, energy conservation, environmental protection and metallurgical process improvement, and actively commit to exploring and practicing Siemens intelligent manufacturing solutions

for the key project of China's intelligent manufacturing 2025, the cold rolling intelligent manufacturing pilot project of Tangshan Iron and Steel Group and the coastal new base project of Hebei Iron and Steel Group, the two sides will carry out close cooperation in the fields of digital chemical plant and enterprise management mode, and jointly build a model of industrial 4.0 intelligent factory of Hebei Iron and steel group. Siemens will provide the whole life cycle service guarantee of Siemens products for Hegang group, including customized training, timely service response and transformation and upgrading solutions

according to the agreement, Siemens and Hegang group will give priority to each other's products for common development in their respective factories and development needs. Siemens School of management and the Strategic Research Institute of Hegang group will establish long-term and in-depth cooperation to jointly study the development trend of the metallurgical industry and reserve excellent industry talents for the future development of both sides. In addition, Siemens and the mining company of Hegang group will discuss and cooperate to realize the digital mine management of Hegang Mining and build an international leading digital mine demonstration base of Hegang

as the largest iron and Steel Group in China, Hegang group is one of Siemens' very important partners. Lothar Herrmann, CEO of Siemens Greater China, said that I believe the cooperation between Siemens and Hegang group will become a new model of cooperation between China and Germany in the industrial field

Siemens unremittingly carries out technological and management innovation, and continuously provides high-quality products and advanced technical service solutions for the society, representing the highest level in the field of electrification and industrial manufacturing today. Yu Yong, chairman of Hegang group, said: facing the future, through close exchanges and hard work between the two sides, we will be able to promote in-depth cooperation and achieve fruitful results as soon as possible with a broader vision and more innovative thinking

Siemens has been committed to helping Chinese customers build digital enterprises and helping partners in many industries in China realize industrial transformation and upgrading with digital technology, products, solutions and services. In June this year, Siemens signed a series of cooperation agreements with large Chinese enterprises to determine the type selection of steel and ships based on experimental data, so as to achieve strong cooperation in the fields of manufacturing, electronics and aerospace, and layout intelligent manufacturing

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