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On July 19, the signing ceremony for the establishment of an independent legal entity company in the production and R & D base of Siemens industrial automation products in Chengdu was held in Chengdu high tech Zone

according to the agreement, Siemens will set up an independent legal person company with a registered capital of 330million yuan in Chengdu high tech Zone, which can produce esterification reaction with hydroxyl groups in wood flour. Siemens industrial automation products (Chengdu) Co., Ltd., as the new operating body of Siemens industrial automation products Chengdu production and R & D base, will produce Siemens' core products in the field of Automation - programmable logic controllers (PLC) Industrial computer (IPC) and industrial operation panel (HMI), etc

the establishment of Siemens' independent legal person company in Chengdu marks the comprehensive upgrading of Siemens' global digital factory in Chengdu, and is the latest strategic layout made by Siemens for better and faster development in China

it is reported that Siemens will continue to expand the production scale of Chengdu production and R & D base and continuously enhance its R & D strength. It is estimated that by 2019, the total investment of the completed Siemens phase I project and the ongoing phase II project will exceed 1billion yuan, and the construction area will reach about 51000 square meters. This means that Siemens' global digital factory will be fully upgraded in Chengdu. After that, Siemens will also start the construction of phase III project, and the investment scale will be further expanded

the excellent government environment and government service level in Chengdu and the high tech Zone are one of the important reasons for the upgrading of Siemens' Chengdu plant in Chengdu. Wanghaibin, executive vice president of Siemens (China) Co., Ltd. and general manager of digital chemical plant group, said that Chengdu holds several symposiums of foreign-invested enterprises every year to effectively solve the practical difficulties encountered by enterprises in the process of production and operation. For example, Siemens once proposed to the government that the public transportation around the factory should be strengthened. The government soon formulated and implemented two solutions, bus and light rail. This response speed and service awareness enhance our confidence to become bigger and stronger in Chengdu, but we have to carry out deep processing in other places

it is reported that this base is the first factory in the industrial field invested by Siemens in Western China and Ximen's third automation product R & D center in the world after Germany and the United States. After the first phase of the project was officially put into operation in September 2013, it has achieved rapid development. At present, the annual output has exceeded 2.5 million pieces. Since the operation of the project, 15000 visitors from the government, scientific research institutions, universities and major enterprises have been received to deeply understand the concept of digital factory and jointly explore the cooperation space for industrial transformation and upgrading in the direction of intelligent manufacturing

the relevant person in charge of Chengdu high tech Zone said that the establishment of Siemens' independent legal person company is another capital increase for the Chengdu base after Siemens' investment in technological transformation in 2014 and the launch of phase II project construction at the end of 2015, which reflects Siemens' full recognition of the economic and industrial development trend of Chengdu, and shows Siemens' firm determination to take root in Chengdu and develop in the long term

at present, Chengdu high tech Zone is actively promoting further cooperation between Siemens and key enterprises in the zone, so as to deeply participate in China's the Belt and Road strategy and the construction of Sino German industrial innovation cooperation platform in Sichuan Province, give full play to Siemens' global leading edge in the field of intelligent manufacturing, and promote the combination of industry 4.0 and made in Chengdu 2025. At present, we are actively organizing a batch of electronic information and automatic strain results obtained by dividing the length change of the sample by its original length. Enterprises engaged in manufacturing and biomedicine are communicating with Siemens to promote the cooperation between Siemens and intelligent manufacturing, digital workshops and intelligent factories in the region

in addition, Chengdu high tech Zone also actively promotes the negotiation between Siemens and University of Electronic Science and technology, hoping to use the new industrial technology research center and electronic information industry park with a total area of about 120000 square meters jointly built by Chengdu high tech Zone and University of Electronic Science and technology to jointly carry out scientific research cooperation and transformation of scientific and technological achievements based on the intelligent manufacturing innovation center

Sichuan and Chengdu have outstanding advantages in the field of advanced manufacturing, and have formed a large number of powerful enterprises in the fields of electronic information, automobile, aerospace, biomedicine and other industries, which will provide Siemens with a broad market application space. Wang Haibin said

according to statistics, in this month, Chengdu high tech Zone is expected to actually introduce more than 24billion yuan of domestic capital, more than 970million US dollars of foreign capital, introduce 14 major projects, and complete more than 31billion yuan of fixed investment

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