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Siemens launches truck tour to create a new ecosystem of intelligent infrastructure

Siemens today launched the truck tour of Intelligent Infrastructure Group in Shanghai with the theme of jointly creating a new ecosystem of intelligent infrastructure. Siemens has created an innovative mobile display platform with trucks as the carrier for the exhibition tour, which comprehensively presents the company's electrification, automation, digitization products and industry solutions in the fields of intelligent power distribution, Ministry of electric science and technology: new materials, high-tech fields, intelligent control protection and intelligent buildings, which are mainly supported by the state. This exhibition tour plans to visit customers and partners in more than 70 cities in China in the next two years, which is another important measure for Siemens to continue to be close to the market and customers and promote value creation under the new normal

Siemens is committed to helping customers actively meet the challenges faced by cities and infrastructure with innovative technologies, and build a sustainable and Livable World by intelligently connecting energy systems, buildings and industries. Thomas Brenner, executive vice president of Siemens (China) Co., Ltd. and general manager of Siemens Greater China Intelligent Infrastructure Group, said that we hope to bring Siemens' innovative technology products and solutions in the field of intelligent infrastructure to thousands of customers in dozens of cities in China, and further drive the value creation with customers and jointly build a new infrastructure ecosystem through in-depth and effective communication

in this truck tour, Siemens integrated its industry insights into highly targeted solutions in the fields of intelligent power distribution, motor intelligent control and protection, intelligent building, etc. in the exhibition, Siemens vividly displayed the corresponding technical products and industry solutions in five parts: intelligent power distribution, motor intelligent control and protection, intelligent building, industry solutions and digital solutions, Help power utilities, industries, infrastructure and building customers in cities at all levels to achieve more efficient, reliable, flexible and energy-saving sustainable operations

in the intelligent power distribution sector, Siemens showed various intelligent medium and low voltage power distribution products and solutions, including intelligent power distribution management local solutions, intelligent power distribution management cloud platforms, switchgear and fast arc extinguishing devices, and brought on-site demonstrations of cloud digitization solutions, product remote control and system fault simulation to on-site customers. Among them, Siemens mindpower intelligent distribution management cloud platform combines Cloud Architecture and AI big data analysis, which can comprehensively improve asset management level, reduce operation and maintenance costs, deeply tap energy consumption potential, and support public cloud, private cloud and local direct deployment, so as to realize the seamless connection between cloud and local. Its fully upgraded 3D graphical display interface can help users without electrical professional background to intuitively and clearly understand the operation status of the entire distribution system, greatly reducing the professional threshold and reducing the labor cost of users. Siemens blue GIS medium voltage environmental protection gas insulated switchgear completely uses clean air as the insulating gas, which can achieve high safety, high reliability and high stability of power distribution without greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, Siemens' proven vacuum arc extinguishing technology also guarantees the safe and reliable operation of the distribution equipment. In addition, the nxairs medium voltage air insulated switchgear using Siemens' own technology fast arc extinguishing device siquench was also shown on the site, which can quickly realize grounding within 5 milliseconds of arc failure, and can tolerate fault short-circuit current action for 5 times. Nxairs' more intelligent design combined with the overall solution of software and hardware can achieve more transparent and efficient management of switchgear assets, and continuously optimize the return on investment for customers in the long term

at the same time, in the smart power distribution sector, the cheaper exhibition car also focused on the smart energy digital solution based on the power IOT, which can provide users with a one-stop solution with full integration of cloud, edge and end, help customers move towards a low-carbon, distributed and digital energy management Road, and help industrial enterprises achieve efficient energy use and continuous and reliable power supply. For example, Siemens smart energy management platform (SSEP) can provide customized smart energy management solutions for large industrial enterprises such as petroleum and petrochemical, iron and steel, subway and customers in smart parks, realize the transparency, comprehensive and efficient utilization of power generation, transmission, distribution, water, heat, gas and other energy, as well as the management of power equipment in the whole life cycle, and help customers realize the optimization of energy monitoring in the whole plant, Better meet the challenges of energy transformation

in the motor intelligent control and protection exhibition area, through the display of common motor circuits, including the forward and reverse control circuit of subway stroke machine application and the soft start circuit of water pump in water treatment, the latest products and their performances of Siemens motor start protection circuit breaker and its accessories, intelligent horse protection, contacts, soft starters, signaling products and so on are introduced in detail, It shows how Siemens intelligent motor control and protection system improves the flexibility of the system through fully modular design, and how to improve the transparency and maintenance friendliness of the system by monitoring the operation, maintenance and diagnostic data of the motor. Not only that, the audience can also directly see its mindsphere based cloud application through the screen, including equipment status, diagnosis and maintenance information, energy monitoring, etc., so as to realize the transparency of low-voltage equipment status and abnormal data alarm

in the intelligent building exhibition area, Siemens showed in detail the relevant technologies and products in the fields of building automation, room automation, security and fire protection, as well as the corresponding building solutions. With digital, intelligent vulnerable parts 4: attachment and energy-saving solutions, Siemens helped customers realize the safety, convenience and comfort of buildings on the basis of green and energy saving, and create a perfect space. For example, Desigo CC, an open building management platform, can integrate heating, ventilation, air conditioning, video monitoring, access control, fire protection and alarm systems of buildings to achieve integrated management and optimization, and provide key data for building operation for energy management systems, making building facilities more comfortable, pleasant, safe and efficient. In addition, Desigo CC can also seamlessly connect with the building information model BIM, transmit data, and visualize various equipment and conditions in the building on the model in real time, greatly improving the efficiency of building management

in the sector of industry solutions, Siemens comprehensively demonstrated the comprehensive end-to-end product portfolio and industry solutions provided to users from the market needs of major industries, covering a wide range of fields such as power distribution, electrical edge, intelligent buildings, and providing a full range of products, systems and services throughout the life cycle of the industry, enabling industry customers to achieve stable power supply, efficient emission reduction, and digital upgrading of the whole value chain. At present, Siemens has worked with customers to build many successful applications in the fields of infrastructure such as electronic plant, power supply bureau, petroleum and petrochemical, smart Park, commercial complex, hospital, data center, subway and railway, such as Shanghai center building, Alibaba Zhangbei data center, Shanghai Metro, Qingdao Sino German ecological Park passive Housing Technology Center, and Jingbo petrochemical energy supply and management project

in the solution section where the digital test results can be imported into the format documents such as word/excel, Siemens system shows the business concept of taking customers as the center and cooperating with customers to realize value creation. Through the close combination of Siemens' accumulated industry and product experience for many years, as well as Siemens' leading technical capabilities with customers' business objectives and actual conditions, an overall solution that can truly solve customers' pain points and has market value is formed at many application levels, such as lean management of assets and energy, enhancing electrical stability, optimizing operation processes, etc

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