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Siemens seizes the business opportunity of smart electricity in China

the world's first 800 kV high voltage transmission line, the Yunnan Guangzhou UHV DC transmission demonstration project, has been put into operation recently

as one of the main equipment providers of the converter transformer and DC field of the Yunnan Guangzhou UHV project, Dr. nihag, CEO of Siemens power transmission group in the field of energy business, who came to the launch ceremony, said: "as a technical leader in this field, Siemens is the best partner for China to achieve efficient and environmentally friendly power supply and promote a resource-saving and environment-friendly society."

new technology brings new space for energy conservation and emission reduction. "In addition to UHV, Siemens will use the latest technology to promote the realization of Guangdong's energy conservation and emission reduction goals in the construction of smart electricity." Said Xiao Song, senior vice president of Siemens (China) Co., Ltd

"with the development of smart electricity, we are entering a new era of electricity." In the eyes of Dr. nihag, "smart electricity" has become the key to realizing the ideal of energy conservation and emission reduction. Nihag said, "Smart is used in the potential market of heavy-duty electric power. The screen of high-temperature end face friction and wear testing machine that measures the temperature rise of materials, friction coefficient and other values shows that the total amount of end face friction and wear testing machine will reach 30billion euros in 2014. Siemens' goal is to increase the smart electricity business by 7% every year, accounting for more than 20% of the world market share. According to Siemens' energy business field, the total order volume of smart electricity in 2014 will exceed 6billion euros in 2016, and the six-year research will finally be achieved." Return. "

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