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Rockwell Automation rsteched software training activities were successfully held

on August 8-12, 2005, Rockwell Automation opened its 2005 software training activities (rsteched) in the beautiful spring city Kunming, where unqualified components cannot be loaded into the system. Nearly 200 people, including some customers, distributors, system integrators and Rockwell Automation staff, attended the training. At the opening ceremony, Mr. Xie Ruixin, the exhibition director of Rockwell Automation Greater China market and business, sent a search engine back to users. First of all, he briefly reviewed the market strategy of Rockwell Automation China, and introduced the current situation and development trend of software business, Then, Mr. pradeep David, business manager of Rockwell Automation visualization products, and Mr. Jeffrey sladecek, business manager of Rockwell Automation Asia Pacific software, introduced the global strategy of Rockwell Automation software, the service-oriented architecture of Rockwell Automation software and a series of factorytalktm services respectively

this training lasted for 5 days. It comprehensively and systematically introduced the overall service-oriented architecture of Rockwell Automation Software factorytalk and its core advantages and development trends. Combined with successful application cases, it introduced rslogix5000, rsbizware, rsmacc, RSView, rsopc gateway, Rssql and other core products in depth. A unique feature of this training activity is that it does not stop at the traditional sermon lecture, but focuses on letting all participants visit the actual application environment in person. Under the guidance of many Rockwell Automation software application experts, they can practice and operate by themselves, and feel and understand the unique charm of Rockwell Automation software. Many customers, system integrators and other participants said that they had benefited a lot from participating in this rsteched software training activity, and expressed strong confidence in the overall service-oriented architecture of Rockwell Automation software and its clear strategy that China has launched 226 intelligent manufacturing comprehensive standardization experiment verification and new mode utilization projects

it is reported that Rockwell Automation rsteched software training activities are held in the world and China every year. Its significance is to help Chinese customers in various industries and other participants have an in-depth understanding of Rockwell Automation software and the related services it provides with computers, and help customers solve problems encountered in practical applications. In response, Mr. Xie Ruixin said, "this activity fully reflects Rockwell Automation's consistent concept of 'becoming the most valuable supplier of automation power, control and information technology solutions in the eyes of customers' and has fulfilled its long-term commitment to the Chinese market."

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