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Rockwell Automation launched a new Allen

China industrial control information Rockwell Automation launched a new Allen Bradley compact industrial computer and thin client, effectively reducing costs and saving space

(August 20, 2020, Shanghai, China). Rockwell Automation (NYSE: ROK) recently announced the launch of a new Allen Bradley VersaView 6300 industrial computer and thin client products. The new product adopts a compact, durable and economical package design, with excellent computing performance

allen Bradley compact industrial computer and thin client

versaview 6300 industrial computer and thin client products are only palm size, which is the smallest industrial computer of Rockwell Automation so far. Its compact design can not only significantly save the valuable space of the control cabinet, but also effectively reduce the system cost

allen Bradley 6300t thin client

in addition, the product can withstand various harsh industrial environments. The product is equipped with a built-in radiator, which can operate at 0 to 50 working temperature, and has excellent impact and vibration resistance. The product uses fewer connection points and does not contain moving parts, so it has higher reliability

these new industrial computers and thin clients are the first batch of Allen Bradley VersaView 6300 series industrial computer products released, using the design and technology of ASEM we acquired earlier this year, said Dan deyoung, director of Rockwell Automation hardware business. The VersaView 6300 series relies on an economical and flexible platform and adopts a unique design, which still has high durability in a harsh industrial environment

both products can be used with Rockwell Automation thinmanager software to help users achieve secure centralized application management

thin client supports thinmanager, while industrial PC is compatible with thinmanager. Both can run under Windows 10 IOT operating system in WIN1 or switch to thinmanager environment to become an effective thin client. The initial clamping force is small. The two methods of use bring greater freedom and flexibility to customers. For example:

you can use a product to deliver applications from a central server or local PC, thereby simplifying the company's supply chain

once the central server fails, you can choose to load the application from the PC to improve the availability

it supports the use of a PC as an HMI for an independent machine, a thin client for a series of interconnected machines, or a data aggregator for the collection and sharing of operational data, which also realizes the * maximization of the space in the car

both products use DisplayPort, which supports 4K video and can present high-resolution content. The product is also equipped with two USB 3.0 ports and two Ethernet ports, which is an ideal choice for high-speed data recording and iiot off applications

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