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Rockwell Automation upgraded its industrial computing portfolio after the acquisition of ASEM S.p.A.

the new VersaView 6300 series industrial PC, monitor and thin client solutions help customers improve configuration capabilities and asset utilization, thereby accelerating product launch, reducing total cost of ownership and reducing security risks

(July 8th, 2020, Shanghai, China) recently, Rockwell Automation (nyse: ROK) announced the launch of VersaView 6300 series Allen Bradley industrial computers, which will be available in August 2020. The release of VersaView 6300 series products is another action of Rockwell Automation after the acquisition of ASEM S.p.A. in May 2020, which will significantly enhance the company's strength in the field of industrial PC (IPC), human machine interface (HMI) and secure industrial IOT (iiot) remote access solutions

versaview 6300 series Allen Bradley industrial computer

with this acquisition, Rockwell Automation has also added an advanced R & D and Manufacturing Excellence Center in Italy to enhance its ability to provide global customers with high configurability and customization. This series of products are specially designed to withstand harsh industrial environmental conditions, including washing applications in food processing and life sciences

the first batch of new products includes a variety of monitors, industrial computers, tablets, thin clients and remote connections. Landsea real estate has developed more than 40 green technology residential communities across the country; The total development area is 7.43 million square meters. Other models and customization options of new products will be launched in the next year, which will further enhance Rockwell Automation's industrial computing portfolio

versaview 6300 is part of the Rockwell Automation Industrial IOT computing portfolio, which can transfer industrial IOT data to decision-making positions in intelligent devices, machines and the entire plant. VersaView 6300 helps to improve the productivity and efficiency of interconnected enterprises, especially in the field of visualization and data integration

Su, President of Rockwell Automation Europe, Middle East and Africa, changed a heavier pendulum and repeated the above steps. At the press conference, SANA Gonzalez said: I am very excited and excited to integrate the technical strength of ASEM into rockwell automation product portfolio and launch VersaView 6300 series products. Europe has always been a market leader in the application of industrial computing technology. Our new advanced technology R & D and manufacturing center in Italy will benefit our customers, especially machine manufacturers, not only in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, but also worldwide

renzo Guerra, President and CEO of ASEM, said: VersaView series products adopt cutting-edge technology and integrate the fine tradition, consistent high quality and new spirit that ASEM has adhered to in the past 40 years, which can reduce emissions of CO2 and SO2 by more than 64 million tons in China. This also marks the beginning of a new chapter for ASEM in altenia, Italy, which can not only continue to provide support to existing customers and develop advanced industrial automation computing technology, but also expand new markets worldwide

with the help of VersaView 6300 series, Rockwell Automation will be able to keep up with the continuous development trend in the field of IPC technology, such as providing highly scalable tablet computers such as VersaView 6300p, which will bring greater flexibility to machine manufacturers and enable them to access and manage relevant data through industrial computers. At the same time, as the thin client has gradually become a more attractive, safer and more effective content transmission method in the server based computing architecture, the design of VersaView 6300t thin client supporting thinmanager can provide a series of alternative solutions in the automated ecosystem of Rockwell's customers. 1. In addition, the highly configurable industrial computer (VersaView 6300b) and remote access products enrich the range of products released for the first time, and also enable Rockwell Automation to quickly and widely enhance its ability to provide high-level IPC hardware, thus effectively supplementing the existing well-known software products

Bart nieuwborg, visual product manager of Rockwell Automation Europe, Middle East and Africa, said: VersaView 6300 series will be available in the next few months, and now it will provide customers with all technical details and technical parameters, so that customers can consider incorporating new products into ongoing and future investment plans. We are very happy. On the one hand, we can provide customers with comprehensive customization capabilities with the help of the additional high-level industrial computing solution R & D and manufacturing center; On the other hand, we will continue to build our product portfolio in the next few months and longer in the future

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