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Rockwell cooperated with MCC south to complete the annealing and pickling line of hot-rolled stainless steel plates in Zhangjiagang POSCO. Zhangjiagang POSCO is a cold-rolled stainless steel sheet production enterprise jointly built by South Korea POSCO iron and Jiangsu Shagang Group, and South Korea POSCO is one of the largest steel enterprises in the world. This project is one of the key projects of Zhangjiagang POSCO from 2009 to 2011. It is the world's first annealing and pickling line for 16mm thick hot-rolled stainless steel plates, and it is also a key project for the localization of large-scale equipment in Zhangjiagang POSCO. This production line was completed by Rockwell China and MCC South wi startup oil pump to set the pointer to zero sdri, which is another successful cooperation with domestic large equipment design manufacturers. The project was launched in December 2009, and the first coil was produced on April 3, 2011. The original plan of Zhangjiagang POSCO was completed one month in advance. The project was officially put into operation in June, 2011. Due to its tight time cycle, high technical difficulty and low project budget, the project can successfully complete the project objectives and meet the production requirements of customers in advance, which reflects the strength of the heavy industry center of Rockwell China Engineering Department and the project management team in technology and project management

in this project, Rockwell provided a complete control system solution. The control function covers the main line overall equipment (entrance and exit equipment, looper, tension roller, etc.), phosphorus breaker (scale breaker), skin pass mill (skin pass mill), disc roller and its supporting roller (Carousel), hydraulic station, etc. It provides a complete set of automatic control equipment including rectifier drive system cabinet, PLC control system cabinet, remote IO station, operation console, human-machine interface HMI, data recorder PDA, communication cable and so on. The main products used include:

controllogix L63 platform

flexi/o remote i/o station

powerflex 700s, PowerFlex 700vc frequency converter

2364fa RGU feedback DC power supply system

ethernet/controlnet/devicenet integrated network architecture

rsview se/me enterprise level management distributed monitoring terminal 385.5 up 2.80% system

under the network framework, Complete the synchronous, high-speed and accurate control of the whole production line

project management

the project is of large scale, tight cycle, high cost, many personnel, complex third-party interface and high technical difficulty. Such a project is a huge challenge for project management, and there may be risks everywhere. On the one hand, we should constantly communicate with WISDRI, a mechanical equipment supplier, to ensure that the designed system can fully meet the requirements of the process, and on the other hand, we should ensure that the third-party supplier can complete the manufacturing and service projects in a timely, efficient and high-quality manner. Due to the cooperation of the team, when the piston is rising and does not accept pressure, the spirit and efficient work finally makes the project successful. 3. Room temperature 10oC ⑶ 5oC; And won high praise from customers

customer feedback

evaluation of the owner's Project Leader: this project is the world's first annealing and pickling line for 16mm thick hot-rolled stainless steel strip. At the beginning of the project, there were many electrical difficulties, especially uncoiler and coiler. The global system solutions Department of Rockwell Automation (China) Co., Ltd. is responsible for the assembly of the whole production line. They completed the set goal two months ahead of the original plan. We are very satisfied with the cooperation of this project and hope to have more cooperation opportunities in the future

thank you

thank you all for participating in this project. They are: Sales Manager Kang Zhigang, pre-sales manager Li Qinghuan, scheme design manager Zhou Chong, project manager Zhang Qibing/Shen Xingtao, project center manager Ge Yuqing and project team Hong Yuanfeng, wo Qinyuan, he Xinghong, Hong Siyuan, Zhu Wenjian, Wang Yongqian, Liu Yong, Qiu Xueqin, Gongli, Liu Yaohong

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