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Rockwell Automation launched the 2018 global roadshow, and the first stop was Guangzhou

(March 28, 2018, Guangzhou, China). One of the world's largest companies committed to industrial automation and informatization, Rockwell Automation (nyse: ROK) officially launched the Guangzhou station Rockwell Automation global roadshow (raotm) and Rockwell Automation University (RAU) activities today. More than 1500 customers and industry experts from all over the country gathered in Guangzhou to exchange and discuss how to build an interconnected enterprise and realize intelligent manufacturing

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the two-day roadshow aims to bring together industry experts from Rockwell Automation partner alliance in the next 5-10 years to achieve the goals of high production, interconnection, efficiency, sustainability and smooth transformation of intelligent manufacturing

the theme of Rockwell Automation's global roadshow will focus on building interconnected enterprises and realizing intelligent manufacturing, and a special seminar on FMCG has been set up. FMCG manufacturers and industry leaders will jointly discuss the development trend of the industry and the impact of interconnected enterprises on the development of the industry

as the global manufacturing industry will be driven by intelligent manufacturing in the future, the goal of Rockwell Automation next year will become clearer, consolidate and deepen Internet enterprises, and help Chinese enterprises accelerate the realization of intelligent manufacturing, said Bob buttermore, President of Rockwell Automation Greater China. Through our integrated control information system, interconnected enterprises are not only the cornerstone of intelligent manufacturing, but also the only way to achieve intelligent manufacturing

Bowen, President of Rockwell Automation Greater China bobbuttermore

Rockwell Automation partner alliance has 250 technology service enterprises in the world. Through them, we can provide customers with the best products and services. In order to achieve our goals, we also cooperate with customers and end users such as integrators or original equipment manufacturers. We will also invest in other industry partners to help us accelerate our development in China. Bao Bowen added

Joe Sousa, President of Rockwell Automation Asia Pacific, said that hydrin brand elastomers can be used in a wide range. Now a challenge for manufacturers is how to maintain profits through efficient production. Whether in order to improve productivity or become a well-known export brand, manufacturers determined to improve productivity are transforming towards automation. We know how to use those innovative products and knowledge to help our customers overcome these challenges

Joe Sousa, President of Rockwell Automation Asia Pacific, 2018 is a critical year for Rockwell Automation, because we are celebrating our 30th birthday in China. While reviewing and congratulating our achievements in the past, Rockwell Automation is also looking forward to the future. We look forward to working with Chinese manufacturers to climb new heights and achieve new achievements. In 2018, Rockwell Automation will continue to maintain a high level and build a solid business foundation in China

Internet enterprise strategy and its successful application in intelligent manufacturing are the core of Rockwell Automation global roadshow activities. The strategy of Internet enterprises is highly consistent with China's goal of transforming from a manufacturing power to a smart manufacturing power if any. At the same time, it is also conducive to the realization of the made in China 2025 plan, helping Chinese enterprises move towards overseas markets and improving international competitiveness

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