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Rockwell's new factorytalk network manager software simplifies network operation and maintenance

China industrial control industrial control information Rockwell's new factorytalk network manager software simplifies network operation and maintenance

(Milwaukee, May 7, 2018). For workshop staff, monitoring and maintaining IOT equipment in which the total demand for plastic pipes in the enterprise network will continue to grow is a difficult task. Now, they can bid farewell to the complex and difficult traditional IT tools and use the new factorytalk network manager software launched by Rockwell Automation to easily solve this problem. The software adopts a simple and easy-to-use interface design, which enables workshop staff to complete many tasks in one stop, such as monitoring the operation of Allen Bradley Stratix managed switches, troubleshooting switches, and quickly configuring new managed switches

managed switches and equipment information often need to be collected from many different sources, which is a big challenge for many workshop staff. Lorenzo Majewski, product manager of Rockwell Automation, said. With factorytalk network manager software, they can easily access this information through a unified interface. In addition, the network switch can send real-time alarms and events, which can help them troubleshoot faster and more accurately

there may be hundreds or even thousands of devices in large factories. Such a large amount of information management work will make users feel overwhelmed. Factorytalk network manager software can automatically search assets and their associated IP addresses, and display the topology of these interconnected devices. The software adopts an intuitive user interface and provides the functions of equipment grouping and dashboard information display, which is convenient for users to divide the equipment by field or analyze it separately

the software experimental machine uses the experimental machine to operate our machine. After arriving at your place, we will have professional technicians to introduce and impart the use knowledge to you, and also provide user-defined configuration templates, so that the new so-called strain gauge sensor replacement can be put into operation faster and more efficiently. These templates can be shared not only throughout the organization, but also with original equipment manufacturers and system integrators, thereby further reducing network deployment, commissioning and maintenance

factorytalk network manager software provides role-based access control, and adds an audit function to track the activities and changes of specific users. The software supports a variety of protocols, including simple network management protocol (SNMP), general industrial protocol (CIP), MODBUS, BACnet and PROFINET. The software adopts a web-based management platform, which can be accessed through personal computers in the control room or mobile devices in the workshop

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as a part of Rockwell Automation integrated architecture system, factorytalk network manager software can be seamlessly integrated with Stratix series industrial network switches

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