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Rockwell's new generation of Small PLC micro800 will be grandly released

Allen Bradley M data shows that the icro800 series PLC and the integrated programming configuration software CCW (connected components workbench) provide a full set of the most cost-effective solutions for small and medium-sized control systems

Allen Bradley micro800 series small PLC Combined with the integrated programming configuration software CCW, Provide cost-effective solutions for small and medium-sized control applications for manufacturers and end customers who have their own design advantages in machine manufacturing

micro800, as the core part of micro machine control system, combined with the integrated programming configuration software CCW, can program and configure PF4 series frequency converter, k3/k300 servo driver, PVC man-machine interface and other components at the same time. It is easy to install and maintain, and it is convenient to reduce friction and protection

machine manufacturers need economical, flexible and convenient solutions to meet the needs of end customers. Paul gieschen, director of market development of Rockwell Automation, introduced that the new generation of Small PLC micro800 integrates flexibility and functionality, the price of relays and the functions of PLC. In addition, the greater value of the micro800 series PLC lies in its simplicity and convenience, providing customers with just the right application without paying for the unused functions

combined with a deep understanding of China's small and medium-sized machine market, the first release will launch the integrated programming configuration software CCW and two types of PLCs, micro810 and micro830, up to 48 i/o. Built in USB port and serial port, OEM customers can easily program, install and connect PVC and other serial port devices. Convenient model selection and installation help customers reduce overall operating costs

micro800 series PLC also provides a complete set of functional plug-in modules, covering digital/analog i/o, communication and extended memory. Through these functional plug-in modules, OEM customers can customize the body functions of PLC freely without expanding the body size. In addition, this series of PLC also provides removable terminal blocks and convenient point-to-point data communication

as an indispensable part of micro800 PLC, the integrated programming configuration software CCW complies with iec-61131 programming standard. Easy to access and install. The standard version will be provided free of charge. Customers can program and configure micro800 PLC and other products such as PF4 series frequency converter and PVC man-machine interface on this software platform, which is convenient to use and saves costs

based on Rockwell Automation and Microsoft's visual studio technology, customers can use CCW software to program PLC, configure various control equipment and share PVC data. In addition, the software also supports three IEC programming languages: ladder diagram, function block and structured text. The software also has the function of real-time download, which can be debugged when the program is running

allen Bradley micro810 PLC - as the smallest product in the micro800 family, the micro810 has a built-in intelligent relay function block, which can be configured through 1.5 LCD and keyboard. This function block can realize the clock delay function and can be used in light control applications

allen Bradley micro830 PLC - micro830 PLC provides flexible communication mode and 6 high-speed counting inputs. Up to 5 functional plug-in modules can be installed. These standardized products have global certification and support

machine manufacturers always choose the best things in the world for their customers. In addition to meeting the core functions of the application, they also need convenient and easy programming and configuration tools to minimize the time cost. Craig Resnick, research director of arc consulting company, said that Allen Bradley micro800 series PLCs and integrated programming configuration software CCW are obviously the best choice for machine manufacturers. They meet the requirements of small control systems for precise customization of functions and cost control, and provide the most convenient installation, configuration and programming tools. Micro810 and micro830 will be launched soon. Other functional plug-in modules will also be launched later this year

the integrated programming configuration software CCW has two versions: Standard Version and development version. The standard version can be downloaded for free. The R & D version has real-time download function, user-defined function block and PLC simulation function. It can be ordered through local dealers

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