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Rockwell Automation released a new generation of open architecture industrial computers and thin clients

(Milwaukee, August 10, 2017). Many manufacturers are facing the dilemma that human machine interface (HMI) applications still use outdated operating systems and cannot operate reliably. With the new series of Allen Bradley VersaView 5000 industrial computers, thin clients and monitors launched by Rockwell Automation, manufacturers can modernize their own independent or distributed HMI applications to meet the requirements of intelligent manufacturing

versaview 50 in terms of cost, 00 product portfolio is our new open architecture HMI or industrial computer product. Chris Mason, product manager of Rockwell Automation Industrial Computer and monitor, said that open architecture design has brought manufacturers greater freedom, and they can install software according to their own needs. In addition, this product portfolio also includes our largest full HD display so far, which can not only display more information, but also reproduce the content displayed in the control room in the workshop, so as to share data more efficiently

versaview 5000 product portfolio belongs to Rockwell Automation extensible computing product series, including the following five products: VersaView 5400 aluminum profile with display is still facing great pressure of transformation and no display computer, VersaView 5200 thin client with display and no display, and VersaView 5100 monitor. These display options include a borderless glass display, which is a new 22 inch wide screen, providing full HD and 10 touch functions, which helps to improve operator productivity

if used with Rockwell Automation's factorytalk view site edition software in distributed application projects, VersaView 5400 industrial computer will be able to meet the requirements of 21 CFR Part 11 cost effectively. The software can store, process and transmit electronic records and signatures, showing the specific employees who performed the changes. This is crucial for industries facing strict supervision, such as life sciences

versaview 5200 thin client is the first of Rockwell Automation, which is designed to be used with the company's thinmanager software. The software can centrally manage the content and visualization required by all aspects of modern industrial operation. It reduces downtime and maintenance workload by simplifying the management of all devices and users. In addition, with the help of Rockwell Automation's location-based relevance technology, it can also provide the required content to the right people at the right time and place

when used with thinmanager software, VersaView 5200 thin client can have a steel pressure with a certain shape, and immediately start receiving information after power on, without any equipment configuration, so that the equipment can be replaced more quickly. Because the information is usually stored on the server rather than locally, it is not easy to leak sensitive information when the device is lost. In addition, thinmanager software also provides multiple authentication, including biometric authentication using fingerprint scanning

in addition to the new 22 inch large screen, VersaView 5000 product portfolio also provides 12 inch, 15 inch and 19 inch widescreen versions for users. More importantly, it threatens people's life safety choices. All screens support the 10 point touch function

The VersaView 5000 portfolio also helps reduce maintenance requirements. Equipped with super capacitors, it can not only reduce the need for battery replacement, but also make air transportation more convenient. In addition, the frameless all glass touch screen design of the product can also eliminate the accumulation of residues that often occur in traditional products, making cleaning more convenient

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