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Rockwell Automation Introduces New Allen

recently, Rockwell Automation released a new Allen bradleycompactlogix5480 controller. With the new Allen bradleycompactlogix5480 controller of Rockwell Automation, industrial workers can strengthen production control and make more wise operational decisions without giving the virus a chance. Control

recently, Rockwell 2 and LCD Chinese character display automation released a new Allen Bradley CompactLogix 5480 controller. With the new Allen Bradley CompactLogix 5480 controller of Rockwell Automation, industrial workers can strengthen production control and make more wise operational decisions. The impact function of Logix control engine and Microsoft wind is the most important trade-off of the controller. According to the ows 10 IOT enterprise operating system, it is concentrated on the same platform, which is convenient for staff to view machine information at the source of information

"this controller can collect raw machine data at the machine level and provide the data to staff in the form of useful information," said Jason Shaw, product manager of Rockwell Automation global controller, "Staff can get these in-depth information close to the location where the information is generated, and then make smarter operational decisions more quickly. Therefore, with the help of Internet enterprises, staff can better deal with various problems and ultimately improve productivity."

the controller can collect data in real time at the machine level to reduce time delay. Users can view the control information at the information source, and send other information to the upstream enterprise or cloud. In addition, the controller also has the ability to run Windows applications on the machine, which can avoid using a separate PC in the factory workshop and reduce the floor space of the machine

"for enterprises deploying industrial IOT technology, they have no conditions to choose between cloud and on-site architecture, and now both are indispensable," said Matthew Littlefield, President and chief analyst of LNs research. "This controller can access control system data at the machine level, obtain in-depth information from the cloud, and help enterprises make agile decisions. This is the ability many enterprises dream of."

compactlogix 5480 controller can support applications with up to 150 motion axes, so it is especially suitable for large-scale packaging and processing, printing and web applications, so that Dow and DuPont can announce the merger, simplify the architecture and reduce the floor space. The controller's execution scanning time and movement loop update are faster, which helps to improve the output of the machine

the controller integrates a variety of security functions, including user authentication and authorization, role-based access, and digital signature encryption. Since the windows operating system and the control engine operate independently, no matter what happens to the operating system, it will not affect the control of the machine or the production line

microsoft is one of the strategic partners in the Rockwell Automation partner Alliance Program

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