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The difference between intelligent lighting and traditional lighting

with the continuous development of science and technology, intelligent lighting is more and more widely used in people's life. While bringing convenience to people's life, it has become a trend and a trend

the so-called intelligent lighting refers to the distributed wireless telemetry, remote control and remote communication control system composed of computer, wireless communication data transmission, spread spectrum power carrier communication technology, computer intelligent information processing and energy-saving electrical control technology, so as to realize the intelligent control of lighting equipment. Provide a more comfortable, novel and convenient environment for our life and work

(1) with intelligent lighting, users can manage lighting equipment through more convenient means, such as infrared remote controller, sensor, intelligent switch, interconnection or voice recognition system to control the actual results of lighting equipment. In addition, they can also perform scene operation to connect multiple lamps with devices approved by the United States to form linkage

(2) within the lighting system, various lighting devices can communicate with each other. Users do not need to command them separately. They only need to operate them once to make the system operate interactively according to different states, making the use of light more efficient, convenient, comfortable and safe

the difference between intelligent lighting and traditional lighting

with the continuous progress and development of science and technology, a large number of emerging technologies have been applied to our life, making our life more convenient. The traditional lighting system is widely used, but there are some obvious or insignificant shortcomings:

(1) in the traditional home lighting, the building wiring switch is manual, which restricts people's action. It is not convenient to use, and the wiring is very cumbersome. In addition, the manual switch has great potential safety hazards, which affects people's high-quality life. Large specification and high-performance light alloy materials, high-precision copper and copper alloy materials New rare/rare precious metal materials, high-quality powder metallurgy Refractory Metal materials and cemented carbide materials

(2) in traditional lighting, infrared remote control is adopted, and manual dimming is unable. There is no power saving function, memory storage function and eye protection function

(3) although there are many styles of lighting in traditional lighting, there is a lack of innovation in technology, and the building wiring is seriously patterned. When switching on and off lights, it will also consume wires, which is also a waste of human, material and man hours. Today, with the development of society, we should not only pay attention to the innovation of science and technology, but also change people's consciousness at the same time of technological innovation, and become more advanced and modern

(4) traditional lighting is bright and fixed, which consumes large power and wastes energy

compared with traditional lighting, intelligent lighting adopts the latest science and technology to optimize it, discards the original shortcomings, and has the following advantages:

(1) fully automatic dimming. The intelligent lighting control system adopts a fully automatic working system. There are several basic states in the system. All States will automatically switch to each other according to the preset time, and the illuminance will be adjusted to the most appropriate statistical level as required

(2) make full use of natural light source. The intelligent lighting system can adjust the natural light by adjusting the building equipment with light control function. It can be connected with the lighting system. If the weather changes, the system can automatically adjust to keep the light effect at the preset level

(3) consistency of illumination. In the lighting design of buildings, the attenuation of lamp efficiency and room wall reflectance over time will be taken into account, so the initial illuminance settings are relatively high, but this will not only lead to different illuminance of buildings in the same service life, but also cause a certain waste of energy. With intelligent lighting control, the illumination can be intelligently adjusted so that the lamps will not be affected as much as possible

(4) intelligent transformation of light environment scene. The intelligent lighting system can be preset with different scene modules. If there is any need, it only needs to operate on the corresponding control panel. In addition, users can adjust the scene in time through the control panel

(5) energy saving. The intelligent lighting control system can intelligently adjust the lighting of most lamps and lanterns to give sufficient lighting to the place and time required. The realization of intelligent lighting control can generally save 20% ~ 40% of electric energy, which not only reduces the user's electricity expenditure, but also reduces the power supply pressure

(6) prolong the service life of the light source. The main cause of light source damage is electrical overvoltage. As long as the working voltage is properly reduced, the service life of the light source can be extended. The intelligent lighting control system adopts the soft start mode, which can control the electric impulse voltage and surge voltage, so that the filament is free from thermal shock, thus prolonging the service life of the light source by 2 ~ 4 times. It is of special significance for areas where a large number of light sources are used and installation is difficult

intelligent lighting is the most scientific and technological category in the lighting industry. In the future, lamps will not only be limited to lighting, but also can be used to transmit information and data. Through the newly developed intelligent interconnected lighting system, visible light is used as the medium to establish mutual contact and communication. Owners can also set personalized lights for work and life links according to their own preferences, and even obtain the information they want. Thus people will be freed from the original traditional lighting, so that people can better enjoy comfortable and convenient lighting services. In a word, intelligent lighting, as the most popular lighting method at present, has always advocated the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection, with the purpose of high efficiency, convenience and comfort, which has brought great convenience to people's lives

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