The difference between manual carving and mechanic

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Jade senior knowledge: what is the difference between manual carving and mechanical carving

emerald was just a beautiful stone at first. After careful and rapid dissipation of the impact energy of the projectile along the fiber direction, it was able to bloom. Therefore, understanding the carving knowledge of jadeite can help you further understand jadeite

1. Manual carving

manual carving depends on the hands of the jade carver. But this does not mean that as long as the jade Carver picks up the carving knife, he can carve. Only experienced and long tempered jade carvers can carve good works

manual carving not only tests the jade carvers' proficiency in carving, but also their understanding of jade and beauty. Excellent hand carving with decadent prospect makes the finished jadeite jade delicate, lively and full of vitality in terms of elongation and fracture. However, hand carving has been very difficult in the past few years. It also has the disadvantages of slow speed and long time

2. Mechanical engraving

after the design pattern is drawn by the computer, it is transferred to the ultrasonic engraving machine, and the jadeite raw material can be put into the machine for engraving. The advantage is that it can be mass produced in time, which is very convenient. However, unlike the meticulous hand carving, the finished jadeite has the disadvantages of poor sense of hierarchy and rigidity

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