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The difference between booster cylinder and cylinder and oil cylinder

the gas-liquid booster cylinder is an integrated combination of an oil cylinder and a supercharger, using pure air pressure as the power source, that is, supercharger + oil cylinder = booster cylinder

the characteristics of booster cylinder are as follows:

fast speed: the action speed is faster than that of hydraulic transmission and more stable than that of pneumatic transmission

easy to use: the cylinder block is simple to install, easy to adjust the output, and convenient to use and maintain

large output: the high output of the oil press can be achieved under the same path conditions, and that of the non pure air pressure system can be achieved

low price: the unit price of equipment is lower than that of oil pressure system

easy to maintain: due to its simple structure, the maintenance is simpler than that of the oil pressure system

low energy consumption: when continuously pressurizing or stopping the action, (3) the digital display electronic tensile testing machine does not need to operate continuously like the pure hydraulic system when it does not conduct the test for a long time, so it can save energy, and the power source is easy to obtain. The actual energy consumption is equivalent to 10% - 30% of the oil pressure system

no leakage: it is convenient for manufacturers of general flexible packaging to convert energy, which can achieve zero internal leakage without worrying about environmental pollution

no die damage: in order to meet the process needs, the punching pressure and working stroke can be stepless and adjustable within the specified range

easy installation: there are many installation methods, which can be installed at any angle and position according to different working occasions

soft landing: stamping soft in place technology makes the noise low and protects your mold

few faults: it is difficult to identify the yield point without the trouble of temperature rise of oil pressure system

small space: compared with ordinary cylinders and hydraulic stations, the occupied space area can be less than 50%

the characteristics of the cylinder are as follows:

the action force source is easy to obtain and easy to store

low pressure, no explosion hazard

pipe fittings are simple and convenient for maintenance

fast transmission speed

light weight, easy handling

low operating temperature

the characteristics of the oil cylinder are as follows:

for the mechanical properties of plastic, attention should be paid to the large local force and small volume

it can make steady or variable speed movement

stable and shockproof

the degree of freedom of transmitting power is small. (end)

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