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The difference between direct pressure booster cylinder and pre pressure booster cylinder

the difference between direct pressure booster cylinder and pre pressure booster cylinder lies in a low-pressure pre travel. Its purpose is the same as that of supercharger plus a large oil storage barrel, but the overall design efficiency is relatively high. As long as the space on the machine allows, it is a better choice in installation and use. 3. Reasonable design

the supercharger is directly designed at the rear end of the oil cylinder, equipped with the control valve group provided by Jiuli company, and connected with the air pressure pipeline, just like the work of the general pressure table. Since the booster cylinder works by converting low air pressure to high oil pressure, and its volume is larger than that of the oil cylinder, it should be used in the design of short stroke as much as possible Even with such cylinder points, the direct pressure booster cylinder is still favored by many machine designers who are far more than other enterprises in the industry. It is widely used in various clamping molds, workpieces, tool replacement (cutting cylinder in machining center) and plate processing (circuit board). The use of supercharger is to reduce the space of accessories on the machine surface, and there is no directional restriction, but the piping and work efficiency are more troublesome. Therefore, under the condition that the space and work direction allow, the use of spring increasing and changing experimental machine is applicable to the spring, compression spring, disc spring, tower spring, leaf spring, snap spring, leaf spring, composite spring, gas spring, mold spring It is a convenient choice to test and analyze the tension, pressure, displacement and stiffness of precision springs such as special-shaped springs. (end)

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