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Like other bedroom spaces, styles are diverse, and it is difficult to summarize them with a unified model. Therefore, in principle, the decoration style of the study should highlight personality and reflect the owner's quality cultivation, hobbies and interests. Therefore, when designing the study, we must think clearly about the biggest role of the study in the future, and then design and decorate according to our own needs. Such a study is the most practical in the future

in the decoration design of the study, color can be used to change the expression of the study. Color can change people's mentality to a great extent. The study is a place for people to calm down, and the collocation of color is more important. Bright and warm colors can relieve the pressure on work and release the depressed soul. Yellow green, bean paste and other beautiful light colors have such functions. The design of the study should follow the principles of simplicity, elegance and spaciousness, but on the basis of these common principles, it can also be unrestrained. Regular furnishings often make people feel aesthetic fatigue. If you replace an ordinary study with a French window, put a movable desk, or directly put the bed on the movable desk, inadvertently messy, you can form a style that makes people feel warm

in addition to the problem of light, we should also consider the problem of noise. The quiet and bright study is the harbor of the soul. Therefore, the study should create a quiet atmosphere. The simplest way is to place heavy bookshelves on the adjacent wall of the room, which has a certain effect of reducing noise. If you want to decorate the study into a multi-functional area, you can divide the study into dynamic and static parts, and integrate dynamic and static partitions to meet a variety of space needs

the desk, bookcase, seat and sofa are combined into a study. The bookcase accounts for the largest area, and the choice of which kind of bookcase is also different due to the owner's preferences and the size of the house. You can use appropriate plants and decorations to soften the office environment and create a more comfortable space for yourself




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