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As the paint with the largest painting area in the family and necessary for basic decoration, the environmental protection performance of interior wall paint has been paid more and more attention, and the quality and safety has always been concerned by consumers. Consumers can choose and buy authentic paint in a variety of ways, and make preparations for safeguarding their rights in the future

interior wall paint, as the paint with the largest painting area in the family and necessary for basic decoration, its environmental protection performance has been paid more and more attention, and its quality and safety have always been concerned by consumers. Consumers can choose genuine paint in a variety of ways, and prepare for future rights protection

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1 Consumers try to choose formal building materials markets or specialty stores to buy interior wall coatings. As the industry and commerce, quality supervision and market supervision departments have relatively strict control over the formal building materials market, the franchised stores set up by the manufacturers are relatively more guaranteed for the brand quality

2. When purchasing interior wall paint, pay attention to observe whether there is rust and leakage at the joint of the iron bucket; Pay attention to whether the explicit signs on the drum are complete. Pay attention to the production date and shelf life of the product. The effective storage period of interior wall emulsion paint is generally 1 year

smell the paint you want to buy. The smaller the taste, the better. If there is a pungent smell or strong fragrance, it is doubtful. Good paint has low VOC, so the taste is very small. Obvious pungent smell is an obvious criterion for judging poor quality coatings. Most fake coatings have pungent odor, making people sick and dizzy. Therefore, if consumers smell pungent smell when buying, they need to choose carefully. In addition, do not buy paint with added essence

3. We should carefully look at the quality of the products and the recent national sampling inspection report presented by the inspection department above the provincial level. Whether the brand and model on the test report are consistent. Pay attention to the test results of VOC, free formaldehyde and heavy metals in the environmental protection test report (or test sheet) of latex paint

4. Identify the authenticity through the sales price of paint. The price of these fake brand-name coatings will be very different from the price of normal sales channels, which should be paid attention to in this case

5. Pay attention to retain relevant evidence in the purchase and use of paint, such as the purchase invoice, which should indicate the brand and model of paint, and be consistent with the identification on the packaging. After the paint is used, the packaging and remaining paint should not be discarded for the time being, and should be retained for a period of time. If indoor environmental pollution is found, it can be used as evidence to inspect the paint quality

6. It is suggested that consumers choose well-known decoration companies as far as possible. In order to ensure the quality of decoration materials and reduce the cost of circulation, now some well-known decoration companies have established a fixed supply relationship with material manufacturers to ensure the quality of materials

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