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Biogas boiler pollution-free heating artifact around you biogas boiler pollution-free heating artifact around you (reporter guochenguang) on October 23, Xiangzhou District CPPCC organized some CPPCC members to visit Yushan, Zhuji and other towns to inspect the treatment of livestock and poultry breeding feces

up to now, 451 large-scale farms in the region have all formulated "one policy for one field" for the resource utilization of livestock and poultry manure. 28 livestock and poultry farms in the forbidden area have been closed, 29 have implemented the facility treatment and standard discharge mode, 278 have implemented dry wet separation, 318 have implemented rain and sewage separation, 63 have built dry manure sheds, 108 have built storage tanks, 64 have built biogas digesters, 77 have built ectopic fermentation beds, and 293 have implemented resource utilization. The comprehensive utilization rate of livestock and poultry manure is 68.6%, including 36% of pig manure, 90.5% of cattle, 91% of sheep and 80% of poultry

biogas boiler is a boiler burning biogas. The new-type energy boiler is suitable for slaughterhouses and breeding plants. It uses animal feces, post slaughtering dirt, branches and leaves to carry out fermentation reaction and collect the generated biogas. Biogas boiler is a new type of boiler without operation cost. It not only solves the problem of environmental pollution, but also does not produce pollutants. At the same time, it is equipped with automatic control, which is convenient for operation and use

boiler water level control: the boiler cannot be short of water during use. The boiler is equipped with a make-up water tank. Observe the glass tube level of the make-up water tank. Once the water level is too low, make up water in time

purpose of biogas boiler:

the built-in heat exchanger of biogas boiler is to use the heat energy generated by fuel to heat the water in the boiler shell to reach a certain temperature, and then use it as heating hot water for the system

biogas boilers are made of high-quality steel plates, and there will be no water leakage after long-term combustion

structural features:

the body manufacturing process adopts full butt welding to increase the safety factor of the boiler and prolong the service life of the biogas boiler. The low-level combustion chamber makes the safe range of water level larger. The biogas boiler is delivered as a complete machine, and the primary instrument valve with reliable performance is selected. The burner adopts high-quality performance to ensure every link of the boiler

1. Leakage protection function: the control system will actively cut off the power supply after detecting the leakage of electric heating elements

2. Complete gas valve group and shielding system: supply complete gas valve group and accessories such as filter, pressure regulating valve and solenoid valve, ensuring the safety of gas

structural features

the boiler uses renewable energy biogas as as fuel. It operates without pollution and noise. It is a green environmental protection product and can be used for heating and hot water. This series adopts the combustion nozzle independently designed by our company, and is equipped with a controller, which can control the boiler ignition, control the boiler temperature, and automatically stop the gas. The operation is simple and convenient. It has automatic control functions such as automatic water replenishment, combustion and circulation control, and is easy to operate. Compact structure design, painted appearance, elegant appearance, not easy to rust, less installation area

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