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How important is health? Ralph Waldo Emerson, an American thinker and writer, said that health is the first wealth in life. Having health means having life, having health means having life, having health means having the hope of success, and having health means having everything

at present, the concept of low-carbon and environmental protection has gradually taken root in the hearts of the people, and people begin to look forward to a healthy and unique lifestyle. Therefore, for flooring enterprises, green environmental protection is not only a slogan, but also a strategic choice for sustainable development

the environmental protection of floor products emphasizes the "coexistence with people", that is, while realizing its basic functions and meeting the aesthetic interests of customers, floor products should not be at the expense of human health, but should fully reflect the humanistic care and social responsibility of enterprises and highlight the corporate culture

Sanshan flooring has been committed to the research and development of healthy and environmental friendly laminate flooring in recent years, and has obtained a number of national patents. Its excellent quality and good reputation have won the love and trust of consumers, and can be called the environmental protection model of laminate flooring in China

the patented technology of formaldehyde displacement of secondary molded laminate flooring

now there is no "zero formaldehyde" floor substrate at home or abroad, that is to say, the best floor substrate contains trace formaldehyde. How does Sanshan floor realize the environmental protection of products? 1. Sanshan flooring takes advantage of the rapid volatilization and release of formaldehyde under high temperature and high pressure. Through two times of high temperature and high pressure, the cumulative time is more than 30 seconds, which is more than twice the time of ordinary one-time pressing flooring, and more than 10 seconds longer than that of ordinary secondary molding flooring, so that the formaldehyde in the substrate can be released quickly and effectively. Therefore, The secondary molded floor of Sanshan company is more environmentally friendly and has lower formaldehyde emission than the common molded floor formed by primary pressing (chamfering process or 90 degree right angle process floor) and secondary pressing. 2. The surface bonding strength and internal mechanism of the base material will not be damaged by the two-time pressing of positioning and compounding of Sanshan secondary molded floor, and its wood grain paper, wear-resistant paper and balance paper can be completely integrated with the base material. The floor produced by this process is not easy to deform, layer and bubble, and the quality is more stable. 3. Like the surface, the notch of Sanshan secondary molding molded floor contains aluminum oxide wear-resistant layer. Compared with the notch of V-groove chamfered floor (the surface is painted or colored waterproof material), it is not only resistant to dirt, wear and water, but also can effectively overcome the wear of floor corners caused by floor height difference. Therefore, Sanshan floor is more durable and its service life is longer

patented technology for the appearance of laminate flooring with unique designs and colors

Sanshan flooring abandons the traditional product positioning thinking, establishes a new concept of green design and green manufacturing, and highlights the green development of the flooring industry. From raw materials to machining, it is guided by resource conservation and sustainable development, so that health and environmental protection are not only a slogan, a concept, but also an action, An action in line with the interests of consumers and sustainable development

low carbon production in the flooring industry is reflected in two aspects: first, product R & D and design; Second, production mode. Through innovative production process and patented technology, Sanshan flooring not only realizes the aesthetic function of products, but also greatly improves the service performance and service life of products, so that the concept of health and environmental protection is thoroughly implemented. This is fully confirmed by a number of patented products of Sanshan flooring

Sanshan floor has been successfully developed by an expert team. The surface of its substrate layer is provided with grooves with the same depth, which makes the connection between the wood grain paper and the wear-resistant layer and the substrate layer more firm. At the same time, the wear-resistant layer presents concave and convex lines with the same texture as the decorative layer, which not only makes the corners of the floor have the same wear resistance as the floor surface, It also makes the edges and corners of the floor consistent with the mechanical properties of the surface, with high strength and stronger impact resistance, which increases the service life of the floor, and has the elasticity close to that of the solid wood floor, making the foot feel more comfortable; Moreover, it makes the floor joints deep and smooth, and visually extends the arc structure in parallel, which changes the original visual length of the floor and makes the wooden floor more three-dimensional

Sanshan floor is a patented product of independently innovative router high gloss mirror. Its surface technology adopts the high gloss mirror technology with great difficulty in pressing and pasting. At the same time, it adds the current domestic advanced router technology. After molding, the surface texture is clear, smooth and exquisite, with high brightness, which is more wear-resistant, scratch resistant and durable than the oil paint floor, and the brightness is as new as ever. 160 thread deep router, more than twice the depth of the notch of the ordinary molded floor, large size and high gloss mirror effect, the overall three-dimensional sense of the paved floor is strong, showing the atmosphere, beauty, fashion and luxury. Easy to take care of, gently sweep and mop, and the floor is as bright as new. Twice molding can quickly drive away the residual formaldehyde in the floor substrate, making it more environmentally friendly and healthy

Sanshan floor synchronous alignment and deep hand planing patent

Sanshan floor's newly developed patented product - synchronous alignment series floor, the wear-resistant layer presents the same concave and convex lines as the decorative layer, which not only shows unique visual effects from different visual angles, but also has high strength, good elasticity, and very comfortable foot feeling; The special lock technology adopted can effectively absorb noise and produce trampling sound similar to that of solid wood floor, which is the first in the industry; The decorative layer of the floor of the utility model, which is composed of refined wood and titanium white paper, not only effectively covers the color of the floor substrate, but also plays the role of organizing the resin in the substrate layer to penetrate into the inner surface of the floor, making the floor more environmentally friendly

design innovation promotes domestic market

differentiated marketing of products is a permanent key to victory. Now, a key problem faced by flooring enterprises is the serious lack of independent development and innovation of products. Whoever can grasp the "highland" of product upgrading can lead all the way and become the leader of the industry. Enterprises without product research and development will always be followers of the market, and it is difficult to make great achievements. Many insiders said bluntly: "at present, what the flooring industry lacks most is not money, but design ability."

in a sense, whether a flooring enterprise can achieve the goal of building a strong brand depends on its strategic resources. Innovative design ability is one of the most important strategic resources. It is an inevitable choice for flooring enterprises to use design to promote the recognition and recognition of product brands in the international and domestic markets, so as to forge a strong brand

flooring is not only a product, but also a concept of life. If enterprises can produce marketable products under the premise of green and healthy, they will also have enough winning weight in the market competition

with the product concept of "health, fashion and enjoyment", Sanshan flooring conveys the beautiful vision of "painting wherever you fall". Advocate the life philosophy of "new ideas of frugality" and "low-carbon life and happy enjoyment". Constantly improve and enhance the brand image of Sanshan, and create one after another sales success. Its marketing network covers more than 20 provinces, cities and autonomous regions such as Sichuan, Chongqing, Hubei, Shaanxi, Henan, Yunnan and Guizhou. The company also strives to expand overseas export markets, and its products are exported to Europe, North America, Southeast Asia and other countries. Based in the west, expand the country, go global, and spread Sanshan flooring into thousands of households

Sanshan floor - it's a painting wherever it falls




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