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There are a lot of things to pay attention to in the decoration. They all pay attention to that it is very difficult for professionals, not to mention the owners, but there are always some small things used frequently in the decoration

there are a lot of things to pay attention to in the decoration. They all pay attention to that it is very difficult for professionals, not to mention the owners. However, there are always some small things that are used frequently in the decoration, but are easy to be ignored, such as baseboard! As the saying goes: details determine success or failure. Although the selection of the skirting line is not good, it will not determine the success or failure of the decoration project. However, the trouble brought to daily life is inevitable. If the skirting line is bad, it is good if it falls down cleanly. That kind of half bad state is the most embarrassing. It is not good if it is not removed, and it is not good if it is not removed! So let's talk about the skirting line today! What is the skirting line for

what is the skirting line for? Don't laugh at this problem first. There is such a problem in the owner's message I met, which proves once again how neglected the skirting line is. Let this editor give you science popularization! Xiaobian popular science

skirting line, you can know from the name, this product is not kicked by birth, and it is located where the foot can often kick at home. Because that part is often impacted, the use of skirting line can make the connection between the ground and the wall more firm, reduce the probability of wall deformation, and the skirting line can be cleaned or even disassembled, which can keep the part of the wall close to the ground clean and tidy! Classification of skirting line

skirting line is the contour line of the ground. Generally, the sudden change of color from the ground to the front will cause visual discomfort, so the skirting line also plays a transitional role, and for skirting lines with beautiful shape and exquisite workmanship, it often plays a role of eyeballing. Therefore, it is necessary for us to understand the classification of skirting lines before decoration, so as to match the decoration! 1 wood skirting line generally, the price of solid wood skirting line is relatively expensive. It is divided into solid wood board and density board. Its color and texture are much better than other skirting lines. However, just like solid wood furniture needs maintenance, so is solid wood skirting line. If it is not properly protected, it will be mottled soon. It can be said that it is not beautiful for three months


stainless steel skirting line is also very expensive, and the manufacturing process and installation steps are relatively complex. However, it is a metal product after all, and durability is its biggest advantage. However, stainless steel skirting line is slightly stiff and cold, so most of it is not used for home decoration, but owners of industrial style decoration may wish to try it


pvc skirting line PVC skirting line is a substitute for wooden skirting line, and the price is relatively cheap. However, due to the use of skin coating process or paint, there will be formaldehyde. Don't mention it. After a long time, the skin may fall off, which is very ugly


glass skirting line glass skirting line is also popular in recent years. Due to its good-looking appearance and various colors, most owners prefer it. The tall appearance will not be too expensive. However, in the case of strong glass, it can't escape the fragile attribute. This must be considered clearly when choosing


aluminum alloy skirting line

the advantage of aluminum alloy skirting line over stainless steel skirting line lies in its simple installation, fire and moisture resistance, and durability. Needless to say, the biggest advantage is that although it is a metal material, aluminum alloy can be plated with other colors and patterns, which solves the disadvantage of hard and cold metal color matching, so the decorative effect will be better


ceramic tile skirting is relatively durable and cheap, but it is generally suitable for rooms with walls and floors that also use ceramic tiles. Keep in mind the common dimensions and specifications of skirting line

skirting line is divided into high skirting line and low skirting line, but the height is floating up and down 100mm. 80~100mm is a low skirting line, and 150~250mm is a high skirting line. If you want to appear that the skirting line is delicate, it is most suitable to control the height at 60~80mm. Generally, there are three specifications of decoration skirting lines, which can be bought in the market: 800*110mm600*110mm1000*110mm. However, for skirting lines, the proportion and size are very important. If you don't know how to match, the room proportion is out of balance, which will look very uncomfortable

generally, the height of the room space is about 2.8m, and the height of the skirting line is best not to exceed 150mm. If the height of the house is less than 2.5m, the height of the skirting line is best not to exceed 100mm

key points of construction should pay attention to the installation of the skirting line. According to the different materials, the methods are also different. However, the processes of some general frames are the same, which are nothing more than the steps of leveling the wall, measuring, preparing the skirting line, cutting the skirting line, installing and fixing the skirting line. The so-called difference is that the material is different, and our methods of fixing the skirting line are different, either nailed or glued! Skirting installation process list

1 Measure and cut the skirting line. The length of the skirting line is fixed. It is necessary to measure the length of the skirting line used in each section. After the measurement is completed, the cutting process is carried out.   2. Install skirting. Skirting is generally installed after the construction of the ground and wall. Before installing the skirting line, remove the small wooden block at the reserved position, and then clip the skirting line of suitable length into the reserved joint. 4. Fix the skirting line. Although the skirting line is stuck in the seam, measures need to be taken to make it more fixed. Install the skirting line, and then nail the floor nail into the skirting line to fix and connect the skirting line with the wall. Finally, I want to say two more words

I hope these edited by Xiaobian can bring you some reference when installing the skirting line, so that relatives can be less confused and more confident in the decoration, which is the biggest driving force for Xiaobian to write tirelessly. I'll see you next time





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