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During the 12th Five Year Plan period, China's environmental protection industry may become the world's largest.

the 2010 China Green Industry and green economy high tech international Expo, CO sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce and other 12 ministries and commissions, was held in Beijing from November 24 to 27. This is an exposition on green industry and green economy with the highest specification, the largest scale and the most business opportunities held in China at present. The Expo attracted 212 well-known enterprises from 25 countries and regions in Asia, Europe, America and Oceania. Chinese and foreign enterprises gathered together to display first-class domestic and foreign enterprises, first-class technologies, first-class products, first-class ideas and the latest scientific research achievements in the fields of energy conservation and emission reduction, clean energy, environmental governance, low-carbon technology and circular economy

green industry shows vitality

Wu Xiaoqing, Vice Minister of the Ministry of environmental protection, said at the Summit Forum on the 24th that in recent years, China's environmental protection industry has maintained an average annual growth rate of 15% - 20%. It is predicted that during the 12th Five Year Plan period, China's environmental protection investment demand will exceed 3trillion, more than double that during the 11th Five Year Plan period. It is expected that China's environmental protection industry will maintain an average annual growth rate of 15% - 20% for a long time in the future, and China will become one of the world's largest environmental protection industry markets. The personal experience at the Expo site fully confirms this point

the Expo has high specifications, many exhibitors and rich exhibition contents, including advanced products and technologies such as new energy-saving materials, new energy vehicles, desalination, garbage power generation, water treatment, solar energy, wind energy, nuclear energy, biomass energy, carbon dioxide capture and storage, as well as overall solutions for building a low-carbon ecological city and building a green industrial system

it is found that not only enterprises in the energy industry have launched their latest clean technologies and solutions, but also some manufacturers whose main business is not in the energy field have shown great enthusiasm for green industries and renewable energy to avoid impurities such as water

China Electronics Technology Group, known as the eldest son of the Republic, is a large central military enterprise. In its booth, there is a solar power generation equipment called concentrated photovoltaic power generation system. According to reports, unlike common photovoltaic panels, the system uses gallium arsenide solar cells and solar tracking system, with a battery conversion efficiency of 40% and a magnification of times

Lin Xuyang, deputy director of the Electronic Industry Department of the company, told this newspaper that the group has been paying attention to new energy since 2006 and has developed rapidly relying on strong independent equipment and process strength. The power generation cost of its self-developed concentrated photovoltaic power generation system is the lowest in China, about 1.6 yuan/kWh, which is 20 to 40 cents cheaper. Linxuyang said: such a power generation equipment with about 380 watts costs about 20000 yuan. Now it is mainly exported for foreign civil use. When asked whether the high cost would affect the market, Lin Xuyang replied: many provinces and cities come to buy, so don't worry about not being able to sell. And with the improvement of domestic people's living standards, the civil market will be larger and larger

compared with wind energy and nuclear energy, solar energy is the most suitable new energy for promotion in cities. Nowadays, whether photovoltaic or photothermal, many enterprises have turned their attention to solar power generation. How can we stand out in the fierce competition

at the booth of poly New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., the unique solar insect killing lamp and camping lamp lighting system attracted many people's attention. It is reported that the solar insecticidal lamp less than half a meter high can effectively cover 40 mu of farmland. It uses physical insecticidal methods to greatly reduce the use of pesticides, protect the environment and save costs. The portable camping lamp lighting system adopts solar power generation technology, and the lighting time is long. It can be used in remote areas and border posts that lack electricity. He Weining, deputy general manager of the company, told this newspaper that innovation is the key to occupy a place in the field of solar energy. For example, there are many enterprises that make solar street lamps, and it is difficult to stand up without innovation. In fact, there are too many things that solar energy can do

explore the development mode of green industry

Wang Xiaokang, chairman of China energy conservation and environmental protection group, said on the 24th that the development of green industry must solve three major problems: technology, policy and business model. Enterprises need strong support from the government and need to explore the development mode of green industry

as an important part of circular economy, urban waste treatment has attracted more and more attention in recent years. This was also fully reflected in the exhibition. Founded in 2000, Shanghai Shengong Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. is committed to the comprehensive treatment of urban solid waste resources. It is understood that the recycling rate of various solid waste entering the plant reaches more than 90%. In front of its Shanghai Baoshan Shengong domestic waste comprehensive treatment model, Yang Fan, deputy director of technology, told this newspaper that the company handles 1000 tons of garbage every day. Garbage is sorted and treated, and finally converted into clean energy, such as electricity, steam, hot water and clean resources: plastic particles, environmental protection bricks, organic fertilizer, etc

Yang Fan said: Since China has not implemented the garbage classification and charging system, garbage disposal is still a public welfare undertaking, which cannot be separated from the support of the government. If waste classification is implemented, it will be of great help to reduce the cost and workload of enterprises. It is reported that Beijing will soon implement a garbage classification and punishment system, which is undoubtedly good news for future garbage disposal work

in terms of waste treatment and urban sustainable development, the practice of hamabi eco city in Sweden is eye-catching. The model on the booth shows the design concept of eco city from three aspects: water, waste treatment and electricity. In particular, its vacuum garbage pipeline, through vacuum suction, garbage is sent to different recycling and treatment facilities to avoid garbage trucks entering the community. It is reported that the housing cost of eco city is% higher than that of ordinary housing, but the impact on the environment has been reduced by 50%

it is understood that the Expo is divided into 10 exhibition areas according to the exhibition areas and contents: 1 comprehensive hall, 5 professional halls (energy conservation and emission reduction hall, clean energy hall, environmental governance hall, low-carbon technology hall, circular economy Hall), 3 junior college areas (overall solutions, green finance, ecological demonstration) and 1 square clean energy vehicle exhibition area. Mr. Wen, the head of the solar energy company who came to visit from Wenzhou, told this newspaper: I came here specially to see the development of the new energy market, the technical level and concerns of domestic and foreign peers, and to seek cooperation opportunities. We have reached a preliminary intention of cooperation with an American new energy company, and we have gained a lot from this trip

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