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One price a day in a paper mill. Paper analysts are too busy to be interviewed.

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core tip: how crazy is "paper crazy"? The market can be seen from the fact that paper analysts are so busy that they have no time to be interviewed. Paper mills sell at one price a day and run around the clock, and the stock prices of related paper listed companies have soared

[China Packaging News] in the Western Jin Dynasty, because everyone rushed to copy Zuo Si's work "Sandu Fu", for a time, "Luoyang paper was expensive". Since last year, even the purchase price of waste paper has risen a lot in many places. This time, of course, the "paper price" is not caused by everyone rushing to copy a masterpiece, but is related to the current low inventory of the paper industry, and even to the "double 11" and "double 12" e-commerce shopping festivals

how crazy is "paper crazy"? The market can be seen from the fact that paper analysts are so busy that they have no time to be interviewed. Paper mills sell at one price a day and run around the clock, and the stock prices of related paper listed companies have soared

will show you why paper is expensive, when it is, which paper is more expensive and which enterprises benefit more

paper industry leaders have announced price increases, and some waste paper recycling bosses even hoard goods and don't sell them... Recently, the rise in paper prices has become a hot topic again. In fact, since the second half of 2016, when the revenue exceeded 200 billion yuan to 220.414 billion yuan, the price rise has spread. Some companies have made a lot of money, while others have been complaining

waste paper recycling station: yellow paperboard was 7 cents last year and 2 cents this year.

"at the beginning of April this year, the commonly known yellow paperboard was only 900 yuan a ton, and at the end of April, it rose to 1100~1200 yuan per ton. It rose the most in August and September, which is a peak." In mid October, at a waste purchase station on Tiaodeng Hebei Road in Chengdu, boss Chen told the media that their ability to deal with trade protectionism was enhanced

"sometimes it rises by 200~300 yuan (per ton) a day. For example, the paper factory informed us in the morning that the price per ton was increased by 100 yuan, and at noon, it informed us that the price was increased by 100 yuan." Said boss Chen

at the site of the acquisition station, we can see that the acquisition station mainly recycles three types of paper: one is yellow paperboard, and the other two are paper and used books. In the process of chatting with the boss, from time to time, there are vendors who trade with yellow paperboard in three human rounds

according to boss Chen, the current purchase price of yellow paperboard is 1.15~1.25 yuan/Jin, which is equivalent to the price of paper, about 2300~2500 yuan per ton. At this time last year, yellow paperboard was only 7 cents a Jin, 1400~1500 yuan per ton. "It is equivalent to an increase of 1000 yuan per ton this year compared with the same period last year."

for the rise of paper price, the owner of waste paper purchase station said, for example, "This year's paper price is so hot. If a paper factory finds that I collected 50 tons yesterday and only 30 tons today, it will doubt whether the price is set low, and then raise the price silently to attract goods. After this cycle, the paper price will also rise.

talking about the recent rise in paper price, it is not uncommon to attribute the rise in price to the prohibition of imported waste paper. In July this year, the general office of the State Council issued The implementation plan on banning the entry of foreign garbage and promoting the reform of the solid waste import management system, which states that unsorted waste paper will be "banned from import" by the end of this year. According to the statistics of the customs, the import volume of unsorted waste paper in China in 2016 was more than 5 million tons, which was converted into about 4.5 million tons of waste pulp, accounting for about 13% of the imported waste pulp in 2016

in his view, the government is right to ban foreign garbage. "With regard to the previous foreign garbage, I heard that factory workers directly refused to use it. The quality is really too poor to use it."

in addition, stricter environmental protection is also considered to be the reason for the rise in paper prices. In response, a person from a waste paper purchase station said, "after environmental protection became stricter, some small paper mills or waste products purchases that failed to meet the environmental protection standards were closed, while the production capacity of some large paper mills was not effectively released, which also led to the rise of paper prices." He also believes that environmental protection is a good thing

Sichuan paper mill: the price of white board paper has increased by nearly 2000 yuan per ton.

not only is the price of waste paper rising, domestic paper companies have also raised the price of products

after the National Day holiday, paper enterprises such as sun paper (002078, SZ), Henan Jianghe paper and Liaoning Zhenxing ecological paper announced price increases one after another. Dongguan Nine Dragons Kraft linerboard, corrugated paper (i.e. yellow paperboard), recycled paper and white faced Kraft linerboard increased by 100-200 yuan/ton again

among them, Sun Paper announced that from October 9, the price of a full range of copy paper products will be increased by 800~1000 yuan/ton by region and grade on the basis of September; Jianghe paper announced that from October 9, the price of thermal paper products will be increased by 30% on the basis of the current price; Liaoning Zhenxing ecological paper announced that from October 10, the sales price of paper products will be increased by 300 yuan/ton on the basis of the original price

recently, the media came to overseas Chinese Phoenix Paper Co., Ltd. located in Xiangyang Town, Guanghan City, which is an enterprise specializing in the production of whiteboard. The relevant person in charge told the media that the price rise in August and September this year was quite severe, which was really outrageous. The company's Whiteboard has increased by nearly 2000 yuan per ton, and the current price of 250g whiteboard is 5400 yuan/ton. He said that the recent paper price is one price a day

zhuochuang information reported that the paper price has entered the upward channel since April, and the paper price suddenly accelerated from August to September. In August, most paper mills across the country raised prices three to four times, including corrugated paper, whiteboard paper, household paper, paper, coated paper, including base paper, with an increase of 300 yuan to 900 yuan/ton. In September, the price rise continued, and the price of corrugated paper rose sharply by 1100-1300 yuan/ton in just one month

it is found that domestic paper prices have risen, especially corrugated paper and whiteboard

China paper information shows that from late September to mid October, the price of 140g corrugated paper of bailianxing paper industry has been stable at 5400 yuan/ton. After the price adjustment on October 16, the price rose from 5400 yuan/ton to 5700 yuan/ton, an increase of 300 yuan/ton. Shahe Jinxin Paper Co., Ltd. adjusted the price of 140g corrugated base paper on October 16, and the ex factory price increased from 5200 yuan/ton to 5500 yuan/ton

why did corrugated paper rise the most? According to the data provided by zhuochuang information, the prices of various kinds of paper have shown an upward trend since September 2016. Take the corrugated paper used in carton packaging as an example, it increased by about 1600 yuan/ton in the fourth quarter of last year, or 58%; After a slight correction in March this year, it entered the upward channel again in April. By the end of September, the national average price of corrugated paper had reached 5218 yuan/ton, an increase of 104% year-on-year. Jin Peipei, an analyst at zhuochuang, believes that October was the traditional off-season for corrugated paper and box board. The price in the first half of November may be dominated by narrow range finishing. In the second half of November, driven by demand factors such as the "double 11", the market price of corrugated paper and box board will resume its upward trend

then, how long can the continuous crazy "paper crazy" be crazy

in fact, looking back on the trend before the rise of the paper industry, it can be said that it has been dormant for nearly a decade. From 2001 to 2006, the output and consumption of paper and paperboard in China increased at a rate of about 10% to 20% per year. By 2007, the output and consumption of paper and paperboard began to be oversupplied, and then there was a certain extension length L on the end face of the pressure needle relative to the pressure foot plane, which was the downturn period of recent 10 years. Until the second half of 2016, the paper industry came out of the trough and the paper price recovered

industry analysts said that with the sharp rise in paper prices, the current industrial chain is in a low inventory state, and the supply continues to weaken. From the perspective of demand, the fourth quarter is the traditional peak season of the paper industry. In addition to the obvious increase in the demand for holiday gift packaging, the e-commerce shopping festivals such as "double 11" and "double 12" in the second half of the year will stimulate the demand for onebillion packages per day, which will also strongly stimulate the market. Judging from the current domestic situation, the fourth quarter is the peak season for paper demand. It is expected that by the end of 2017, paper prices will be easy to rise but difficult to fall

for the future trend, according to the data of ibisworld3 and flame retardants, it is expected that the price of log pulp will still maintain an annual growth rate of 5.1% until 2019

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