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Consumption of paper products by Shanghainese: 100 kg of pesticide resistant fruit bag paper per year, woven paper that can be woven into clothes and hats, waterproof bottle stickers, CCK paper... At the "2001 China International Paper Industry Equipment Exhibition" held at Shanghai World Trade mall recently, special paper, recycled paper and other paper products were dazzling to the audience. The continuous emergence of high-end varieties and new varieties and market substitution reflect the rapid growth of production and consumption in China, especially in East China. This year, the annual output of pulp, paper and paperboard in Shanghai and six provinces in East China has always accounted for the total output of papermaking in China. The digital hydraulic electronic universal experimental machine, which has attracted the attention of professional audiences before the aluminum auto parts exhibition area, has attracted about 40% of the latest developed products, and Shanghai has become one of the few major cities in the country with an annual per capita paper consumption of more than 100 kg

the experts at the meeting believed that the demand of domestic paper consumption market is becoming stronger and stronger, and the paper product market has great potential, which provides unlimited business opportunities for the development of China's paper industry after China's entry into WTO. According to reports, although the annual per capita paper consumption in China is only about 26 kg, only half of the world's per capita consumption level, far inferior to the per capita consumption level of 200-300 kg in developed countries. However, from 1990 to now, the total consumption of paper and paperboard in China has increased at a rate of 12% per year. At present, the annual consumption of w-b75 Vickers hardness tester is about 34-35 million tons, ranking second in the world, second only to the United States. The market forecast of relevant departments shows that the total consumption of paper and paperboard in China was 36-38 million tons in 2000, 50 million tons by 2005 and 80 million tons by 2015

the total domestic paper consumption has been higher than the total production since 1996, and it is expected that the number of imports from abroad will still increase significantly year by year in the future. The huge and clear market space shows that China's paper industry is a "sunrise industry" in the 21st century. Recently, the competent department of the industry has preliminarily formulated the total output index in the "Tenth Five Year Plan" for the development of papermaking and the plan for the next 15 years: 38-40 million tons in 2005 and 60-65 million tons in 2015

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