The hottest paper enterprises call for Green Peace

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Paper enterprises call for Greenpeace

in late December 2005, Ningbo Zhonghua paper, Baoding Banknote Paper Mill, UPM (Changshu) paper and other three paper enterprises were selected into the second batch of national environment-friendly enterprises. The national environment-friendly enterprise is the highest honor of enterprise environmental protection awarded by the State Environmental Protection Administration. So far, there are only 32 national environment-friendly enterprises in China, among which only 5 paper enterprises have won this honor, and there are two apps of Jinguang group: Jindong paper and Ningbo Zhonghua paper

Jindong paper industry is the largest single coated paper production enterprise in the world at present. Since its construction, the factory has invested 900million yuan in environmental protection construction. In 2004, with the adjustment of the proportions of the three ingredients, the water displacement per ton of paper in Jindong paper industry was 7.86 cubic meters, which was 13% of the national allowable standard (60 cubic meters); The discharge of COD in wastewater accounts for only 7.5% of the national allowable standard. In addition to the main indicator of wastewater discharge, Jindong has taken the lead in energy conservation and consumption reduction in the world, and the water consumption per ton of paper is only 9.53 tons. If the water consumption of Chinese paper mills meets this standard, more than 3 billion tons of water resources can be saved every year, equivalent to more than 200 West Lake capacities. At the same time, Jindong widely uses the treated wastewater for factory fire control, road dust suppression, greening and irrigation, and the internal recycling rate is 95%. Environmental protection measures such as energy conservation, consumption reduction, recycling and reuse have directly benefited Jindong more than 100million yuan per year. With its advanced environmental protection experience and a series of environmental protection achievements, Jindong paper won the title of national environmental friendly enterprise in November 2004

Ningbo Zhonghua Paper Co., Ltd. is the first paper-making enterprise in China to pass the ISO14001 international environmental protection certification, and it is also the largest recycled industrial paper-making enterprise in China that uses waste paper, which you can see as paper-making raw materials. The third phase project of Ningbo Zhonghua Paper Co., Ltd., which was put into operation at the end of 2004, is an industrial board production line with the largest unit output and the most advanced technology in the world, with an annual production capacity of 750000 tons, of which the recycled waste paper accounts for more than 85% of the pulp raw materials used, and the annual recycled waste paper is 700000 tons. According to experts' calculations, recycling 1 ton of waste paper can produce 0.8 tons of good paper, cut 17 trees less, and save 3 cubic meters of landfill, which can meet the current market demand for ultra-thin membranes; Simultaneous space. According to this calculation, only the waste paper recycling project of Ningbo Zhonghua paper industry phase III project can reduce more than 10 million trees; In terms of pollution prevention and environmental protection construction, Zhonghua paper has invested nearly 200million yuan for sewage treatment and water resources reuse construction. The company has also introduced a/O wastewater treatment equipment and environmental protection technology from the United States and Finland. At present, it processes 45000 tons of sewage per day, and the reuse of water resources reaches more than 50%. Ningbo Zhonghua Paper Co., Ltd. integrates the operation and development of the enterprise into environmental protection with huge environmental protection investment and standardized management. At present, the water consumption per ton of paper is only 10 tons, and the chemical oxygen demand emission per 10000 yuan output value is only 4.99 kg, which is about 43% of the average COD emission level per 10000 yuan output value of 41 industrial industries in China. All indicators are better than the same industry and national standards, and have been awarded the top ten environmental protection enterprises by the local government for many times Honorary titles such as environmental protection model enterprise, gardening enterprise, quality benefit enterprise and Zhejiang green enterprise

in the pulp preparation workshop of Ningbo Asia Pulp and Paper Industry Co., Ltd., we can see that the huge paper shredder swallows raw materials and turns them into pulp to be transported to the paper workshop, and the remaining waste pulp residue is extracted from a large amount of fiber through a special sieve in the slag discharge pipeline. Through this special sieve device, the company can recover 50 tons of papermaking long fiber from waste pulp residue every day, which is equivalent to the amount of fiber extracted from 850 big trees. Said Mao Jianguo, a senior engineer of the company. Mao Jianguo calculated an account for us. According to the general papermaking technology, each ton of recycled papermaking long fiber is equivalent to the amount of fiber owned by 17 big trees. The company recycles 50 tons of papermaking long fiber a day, which is equivalent to saving the wood of 850 big trees. In addition, the sieve device can also recycle 100 tons of other fibers and sell them to low-grade cardboard manufacturers

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