The hottest paper containers are widely used

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Paper containers are widely used

paper containers have the advantages of low cost, light weight, no metal dissolution and can odor. In recent years, paper containers are more and more widely used in the packaging of fruit and vegetable juice, liquid milk and cool drinks

at present, according to the material structure and shape, paper containers can be divided into composite cartons, paper cups, combined cans, etc

composite carton the composite carton for fruit and vegetable juice and cool drinks is a polyethylene composite paper container, which is composed of 7 layers. From the inside to the outside are polyethylene (two layers), aluminum foil, polyethylene, cardboard, printing ink, polyethylene (or wax layer). Its material is:

(1) base paper. Paper containers used for liquid packaging shall be made of high-strength cardboard. The thickness of base paper and pulp materials vary according to the type and size of containers. For example, for large cartons with a capacity of ML, the flat volume (grams of paper per square meter, paper thickness unit) is 300g/m2, and the base pulp of coniferous trees with long fibers and high stiffness is mainly used to prevent the box body from bulging and damaging the appearance during the preservation of the longitudinal structure. For the ML small carton, the paperboard with a floor area of g/m2 can be selected, and the wide carton can be mixed. At the same time, the angular displacement signal can be detected and sent to the computer for data processing. The pulp of leaf trees. Fluorescent dyes are prohibited for carton base paper

(2) polyethylene. Food containers should be free of additives, adhesive and mixtar have created one miracle after another, with good sealing performance and relative density of 0 925 low density polyethylene (LDPE). For the thickness of composite polyethylene, pay attention to the set magnification when setting the internal counter at the initial setting μ m. Outside μ m。

where the normal load is 2n

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