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German agency survey: more than half of the people believe that made in China will surpass German enterprises

made in Germany has always been regarded as a synonym for excellent quality, but made in China was once branded as inferior because of fake goods. However, a survey released by the German Quality Association (dgq) and the German Market Research Institute innofact on the 9th showed that the situation was not what it used to be. German magazine of quality management station 10 said that the survey showed that 80% of Germans believed that made in China was a competitor of made in Germany. 54% of the respondents believed that competitors from China are stepping up the use of spring testing machines, which will surpass the innovation ability of German brands and German enterprises

which leaders made in China can not only reduce the weight of household appliances, but also do better? Respondents believe that the most prominent areas are digitalization and information technology. 64% believe that China has surpassed Germany in this field. The second is the field of electric vehicles. As for which fields made in Germany are better than made in China, the respondents selected three aspects: first, German enterprises invested more in R & D and achieved better results; Second, machinery and equipment manufacturing is still a signature industry made in Germany; Third, infrastructure. However, they believe that in these areas, China is narrowing the gap with Germany

the survey report said that both made in China and made in Germany have greater development potential in the future, especially in China. About 3/4 of the respondents believe that the quality of made in China will be better in 20 years, and only 22% think it will not change. As for the global quality model made in Germany, 51% of the respondents believe that the quality will continue to improve after 20 years, while 41% believe that it will remain unchanged. In addition, more than half of the respondents believed that with the development of composite flexible packaging materials made in China: flexible packaging, aluminized film, iron core wire, aluminum foil composite film, vacuum aluminized paper, composite film, composite paper, BOPP; With progress, made in Germany can also burst into greater potential under pressure

"quality management miscellaneous through the guide roller record" station commented that the image of made in China and made in Germany will be closer and closer in the future. Its background is made in China 2025 strategy, which points out the direction for made in China. Pinks, head of the German Quality Association, said that there is no doubt that China's economic development will bring challenges to Germany by 2025

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