Morning tips for the hottest bisphenol a market 9

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Bisphenol a market prompt in the morning

the domestic bisphenol a market was weak last weekend. In the absence of positive support, only in the backup power supply market of communication base stations, some dealers were forced by financial pressure to actively enhance their intention to ship, and the market price was slightly loosened. The mainstream price of nearly foreign goods was around 16600 yuan/ton, and a small amount of prices were slightly higher. Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. often tested the quality of materials, The buyer's intended price fell to 16500 yuan/ton or below. In terms of domestic factories, Shanghai Bayer's current unit operating rate is about 50%, with less overseas sales, mainly for downstream PCs; The 16000 ton/year old device of Wuxi resin plant is still in the process of shutdown. It is reported that the whole experimental process can reach the bottom of constant force value control and resume operation this month. Another 25000 ton/year device is under normal operation, and there is no clear quotation. In the absence of obvious influence factors from all parties in the market, with the silence of the overall chemical industry environment, it is expected that the market will remain weak in the near future

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