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Bisphenol a market prompt in the morning

yesterday, the domestic bisphenol a market maintained consolidation and showed slight signs of stabilization. The enthusiasm of market merchants increased slightly, and there were many people looking for goods and asking prices, but the actual purchase intention was not clear. It is expected to achieve an annual capacity of 520000 tons of high-performance new materials, which is still cautious. The market price is still around yuan/ton, and the low price basically disappears. The low end is the simple and convenient price of ocean cargo equipment, and the transaction focus is slightly upward. Manufacturers: the operating rate of 16000 tons +25000 tons/year in Wuxi resin plant is maintained at 70% or 80%, and the products are mainly for self use, with a small amount of products for export. Shanghai Bayer has completed a total of 110000 tons of bisphenol with an investment of 4.241 billion yuan/year. In addition, the operating rate of unit a is maintained at about 50%. At present, the manufacturer mainly supplies a small amount of contract goods

although businesses are determined to stabilize the market and look for all opportunities to use to boost the market, near the end of the year, the consumption of goods is slow, and there is little opportunity for investment speculation. The continuous decline of related products ECH also inhibits the downstream purchase of bisphenol A. It is expected that the bisphenol a market will not do much in the short term

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