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From September 5 to 6, 2019, DMG Mori China flexible intelligent manufacturing and new product launch and Tianjin factory technology day were grandly held in DMG Mori Tianjin factory

flexible intelligent manufacturing

Flowserve lubricants (China) Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in this event as a technical partner of DMG mori, and witnessed the charm of DMG Mori's new flexible intelligent manufacturing technology with more than 1000 industry guests

on this technology opening day, DMG Mori China highlighted its self-developed LPP automation system and the NHC 8000 horizontal machining center localized in China's new and first show Tianjin factory. The products were highly praised by the participants for joint research on key technologies in the industry. Fuchs lubricating oil is the only recommended oil for demargison Seiki in the Chinese market. The five display machine tools in the exhibition hall all use Fuchs' new generation semi synthetic product ecocool global 20

high performance cutting fluid

dmg Mori serves many industries. The verification method is based on the force value of the tested range of material testing machine. The customer group is wide. For different processing materials and different processing processes involved in processing, there is an urgent need for a high-end metal processing product to reduce the complexity of metal processing products and reduce the harm to human body and the environment. The consumption of inorganic flame retardant materials in ECOC China is less than 10% ool global 20. In addition to meeting the processing requirements of customers for different materials, it meets the laws and regulations of most industrialized countries and provides customers with a product experience of rapid crystallization, safety and environmental protection when the mold temperature is 50 ℃. Ecocool global 20 can help customers improve productivity, reduce the production cost of a single workpiece, and realize customers' commitments to health, safety and environment

strategic partner

the cooperation between Flowserve and DMG is based on the mutually recognized market positioning. It is not only a product supplier, but also a solution provider for customers. Fully understand the needs of customers, enable scientific research, and strive to provide customers with one-stop solutions

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