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How to carry out the running in inspection of the harvester before cutting

engine test run

in this process, attention should be paid to the oil pressure gauge. The wide use of oil in China has just begun. Whether the thermometer is stable at the specified value depends on high-precision processing technology and mature matching services, and listen to whether there is abnormal noise when the engine is running. If any abnormality is found, it should be eliminated in time, and it is not allowed to force the test run. The test run time of the engine is generally: cold grinding for 6 hours, and hot grinding is controlled at 15 minutes, 10 minutes and 5 minutes in the order of low speed, medium speed and high speed

walking test run

after the engine is normal, carry out the walking test run with gear 1 to gear 2, gear 3 and then reverse gear. Turn left and right respectively, and check the steering. Whether the interlock mechanism, brake and clutch are sensitive and reliable, whether the separation is complete, whether the gear shift is light, and whether the instrument is normal. If any problem is found, stop and eliminate it immediately. The running in time of the test drive is generally 30 minutes for the first gear, 30 minutes for the second gear, 20 minutes for the third gear and 10 minutes for the reverse gear

the trial operation of cutting, threshing, separation, grain unloading and other working mechanisms is divided into small throttle, medium oil valve and large throttle. It is carried out locally and then comprehensively. Pay attention to whether the condition of each part is normal, whether there is noise, whether the hydraulic components and monitoring instruments move freely, and the key technology is missing; On the other hand, it is stable and reliable. If there is a problem, continue the test after troubleshooting. Generally, the time is: 3 hours with low throttle, 2 hours with medium throttle and 1 hour with high throttle

after the test run, immediately check whether the fasteners are loose, whether the bearings and bearing shells are heated, whether the belts and chains are loose and worn, drain the lubricating oil in the engine oil pan, gearbox and reduction gear and the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic oil tank while it is hot, and thoroughly clean the filters at all parts. Finally, trial cutting and running in are carried out in representative fields, and half of them are selected for harvesting. After running in for a period of time, the full 128 concrete construction joints are harvested with sealant, and all normal conditions can be put into formal harvesting


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