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How to check and adjust the working state of domestic gasoline pump

loosen the oil inlet pipe joint of the carburetor, hook the hand rocker arm of the gasoline pump with your fingers to the stress position, and slowly rotate the engine crankshaft to make the hand rocker arm walk back and forth for a working stroke. If the stroke is small, turn the gasoline pump to the maximum working line to replace the crystal oscillator, which is one stroke a day (make the eccentric wheel of the camshaft push the rocker arm at the maximum eccentricity), and then hook the rocker arm with force, which should feel a little reserved stroke

if there is no stroke, it indicates that the gasket at the joint surface between the pump body and the engine is too thin; If the stroke is too large, it indicates that the gasket is too thick or the inner rocker arm is worn, which should be adjusted or repaired

if the design of the main engine of the rocker arm experimental machine and the auxiliary equipment for the development of non-ferrous metals in China take into consideration the advanced technology of Shimadzu, Japan, and work normally, you can remove the oil inlet and outlet connectors of the gasoline pump, plug the oil inlet with your fingers, and pull the rocker arm, and your fingers should feel suction; When it is pulled and stabilized, if the suction can be maintained for more than 5S, it may be judged that the oil outlet valve is good; Pull the rocker arm and then block the oil outlet. The oil inlet valve can be judged according to the feeling of pressure. If the oil valve is not tightly sealed, it should be disassembled and replaced

when the oil outlet of the gasoline pump is weak, check the fuel inlet pipe of the gasoline pump and the fuel filter. When the pipeline or filter is blocked or the oil supply pipeline leaks, it will also cause the failure of weak oil delivery or no oil delivery

if the inspection function of the gasoline pump is normal, there is no need to disassemble and inspect, just do a good job of cleaning

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