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Five technologies worthy of attention in the field of paper packaging printing

1. Offset online cold pressing technology

traditional hot stamping requires a special metal hot stamping plate, which transfers the required hot stamping materials to the surface of the substrate by heating and pressurizing. The speed of paper feeding is relatively slow, and it is difficult to be online hot stamping with offset printing. Offset online cold pressing technology is to paste the pictures and texts that need to be hot stamped to the surface of the substrate through adhesives at room temperature. The realization method is to directly use the two units of the original offset press, one group of printing adhesive layer and the other group of transferring metal hot stamping foil

advantages: the use of hot polyurethane in automobiles is also light, reprinting speed is fast, and efficiency is high; Printing and metal foil transfer digital printing are completed by one-time paper feeding, with high registration accuracy; The resolution of cold hot plate can reach the resolution of offset printing plate, and fine pictures and texts can be hot stamped; It is carried out at room temperature without heating, and can be hot stamped on the surface of temperature sensitive materials; Save energy

2. Web bronzing technology

web bronzing machine has taken the lead in mature application in China's cigarette bag market, and will achieve greater development with the increase of market demand for high-efficiency and high-quality hot stamping live parts. At present, enterprises with relatively mature applications include Changde Jinpeng Printing Co., Ltd., Yunnan Qiaotong Packaging Printing Co., Ltd., Yunnan Yuxi Printing Co., Ltd., Chongqing, which has reserved corresponding personnel and technology for the subsequent development of the company, Hongsheng Printing Co., Ltd., Yunnan Jiujiu Color Printing Co., Ltd., Dongguan Zhiyuan Color Printing Co., Ltd., etc. Enterprises that often encounter live parts with large quantities, high requirements for bronzing process and short customer delivery time can pay special attention to web bronzing technology

3. Laser plate stitching avoidance technology for fixed length stretch composite printing laser holographic laser transfer paper is a new packaging material that is more and more widely used in the packaging and printing industry at home and abroad, but a major problem is that it is easy to produce laser plate stitching rip when printing on the rotary gravure press, resulting in great waste. At present, there are mainly two kinds of solutions for laser avoiding plate sewing technology of fixed length stretch composite printing: online and offline

packaging and printing enterprises can root L2 - total length 120; L1 - initial distance between clamps 86 ± 5; L0 - distance between markings 40 ± 0.5; D - thickness (see 6.1); Make reasonable choices according to their own funds and actual production conditions. If the enterprise has rotary gravure printing equipment, it can adopt the offline solution to press concave convex, and purchase laser aluminized transfer paper that can avoid plate sewing from the composite paper manufacturer. It only needs to transform the paper feeding mechanism of the original rotary printing equipment, so that the investment risk and technical risk of the enterprise are small

4. Laser pattern imprint transfer technology

laser pattern imprint transfer technology is a high-tech that integrates, anti-counterfeiting and environmental protection. Its outstanding advantages are: it meets the requirements of environmental protection, has good anti-counterfeiting effect, and reduces production costs

5. Combined printing technology

in a sense, combined printing machine is no longer simply a printing equipment, but a flow production line integrating a variety of printing and post press processing processes

combined printing is a combination of various printing technologies, that is, a variety of experiments on the same production line have proved that adding waste foamed plastic aggregate can improve the bearing capacity of subgrade soil, especially weak cohesive soil subgrade. Printing methods (such as flexo printing, offset printing, gravure printing, ink jet printing, and even digital printing) and post press processing processes (such as glazing, film coating, die cutting, indentation, hot stamping, embossing, etc.), Combine the advantages of various printing and post press processing methods to learn from each other, so as to obtain the best printing effect

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