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How to seize the hearts of consumers in daily chemical packaging

they are not the most attractive products in the field of daily chemical, but they are the most functional. Thousands of consumers use personal treatment products such as soap, shampoo and toothpaste every day, and only those products with natural appearance, well-designed packaging and convenient use can be favored by the public

in order to capture the hearts of consumers, goods must be able to easily stand out from the shelves; And it can well show the excellent production quality and characteristics of products, which requires the producers of product packaging to constantly introduce packaging with novel styles, functions and excellent design to ensure the sales of products

in addition, these daily chemical products must be able to withstand the daily use habits of consumers. Because they are often placed in steam filled bathrooms, damp corners or the bottom of crowded storage boxes, messy drawers, and even wrinkled backpacks for fitness or travel... In short, no matter what the environment, there should be no problems with the outer packaging of daily chemical products

as Craig Sawicki, the executive vice president of TricorBraun, said, "as the people who produce packaging, we have no ability to control the final product, but we can bring consumers a product suitable for transportation and use, with exquisite packaging."

spray packaging

as a sunscreen product, consumers have been used to the bottled form of lotion. But recently, there are many spray products on the market, which are not only convenient to use, but also open up a new packaging style for sunscreen that is different from the tradition. Carrying this packaging style of products can ensure that users are not burned by the sun at any time. Spray cans are worthy of market attention and use

several major brand manufacturers of sunscreen products are successively adopting the form of spray packaging. Schering plough is the first company to adopt spray packaging in this market. Last year, they added children's sunscreen, sunscreen for dry skin and new SPF sports products. In May, the banana boat brand of Playtex also launched a spray sunscreen formula suitable for teenagers and children respectively

according to Eric Desmaris, marketing manager of Rexam company, spray products can enable users to evenly apply sunscreen on areas that are difficult to reach, or smoothly apply sunscreen on naughty infants. Through cooperation with plastohm group, Rexam's weighing system department launched the "Airfree system", which can spray 360 degrees to ensure that users can apply it to any part

another field, which is also the most mature field of spray application, is perfume products, which also provides a good reference opportunity for other personal care products to apply spray. For example, although the target audience of the axe brand of Unilever is male consumers, its spray personal skin care products are also very popular with teenagers and even female consumers. Procter & Gamble (PG) has also extended its product line to spray skin care products. The latest product is "Apple dazzle". However, not every consumer will accept every kind of spray personal care products, such as deodorant products, vertical and ball products, which are still recognized by more people

tom's of Maine uses environmentally friendly recyclable ball containers and sprinklers, but it is said that the biggest challenge of this vertical packaging is that the container will melt when it encounters overheated temperature. However, the company still insists on the application of recyclable materials. After testing a wide variety of resins, they finally chose polypropylene recyclable plastics

natu in Brazil can effectively reduce the impact of the hydraulic system; With the joint cooperation of RA and Rexam, they have developed a reusable packaging material, which is specially designed for natura's men's perfume. From then on, this product can be easily poured repeatedly under the condition of using the spiral aerosol valve at the bottom of the bottle, reducing waste

functionality and convenience

convenience and functionality are the most desirable characteristics of current daily chemical products. Marketing personnel should realize that innovative packaging is the one that attracts consumers and sells well. According to Allison doubles, product manager of Alcan Packaging Company, in addition to strengthening secondary packaging in the market, packaging materials, especially film materials, should also be paid attention to, such as those used in toothpaste and special hoses

through research, it is found that consumers will be very interested in those packaging boxes with beautiful appearance, while they are not interested in those conventional and standard hose packaging to prevent rust. So it's time for the R & D personnel of daily chemical products companies to think about how to use more unique hose packaging instead of cartons to attract customers

now there are fewer and fewer standard hoses with screw caps, and they are gradually developing towards high-end and innovative packaging. Such as those large cosmetic caps, bottle caps that can be opened at the top, and the metallic decorative effect outside the daily chemical packaging

in addition, for the packaging of general personal care products, a very important consideration is the place where consumers use the product and whether it is convenient to use, rather than who will buy the product. However, for those enterprises that produce products for special age groups, they are engaged in a fierce war, and they must attract them with innovative packaging styles, which is the key

when bullie care developed an eye cream specifically to treat men's eye swelling after waking up, the challenge they faced was to find a package that could solve the product omission problem often caused by careless use by men's consumers. When using eye cream, men are more accustomed to daubing rather than tapping, which will cause deep polishing damage; The latter requires the use of fine materials and the possibility of excess eye cream entering the human eye. After a variety of experiments and choices, including wetting eye cream with cotton, and the final inspiration came from seeing the ball perfume products in supermarkets. Therefore, bullie care, which is now widely used in the production and construction of oil/gas pipelines, buildings, bridges, rails and other high-strength alloy steel containing vanadium, has the best product packaging and dosage head

but for Kimberly Clark, it is also a challenge to maintain a complete and suitable size for the end users of the product, because their main products are baby diapers and some baby care products. According to Phil Singh, the company's brand manager, in order to focus on the baby care market, the company will conduct a large-scale market research on packaging materials before launching each product, such as hand soap and hand sanitizer bottles with novel shapes. Among them, the bottle of hand sanitizer also has a patented technology, that is, one handed spray. Consumers can easily press the nozzle with only their fingers, not their palms. Therefore, it is very suitable for hair salon shampoo, pet shampoo and hand sanitizer products

in short, for those household shampoo products, manufacturers should pay more attention to the final use environment of the products. If it's a very wet bottle, people don't want to have any accidents because they have to feel for the position of the bottle cap in the wet bathroom


for manufacturers, the biggest obstacle to market development is how to make their products different. Cost is only a consideration that products cannot reflect uniqueness after they have enough value. Generally, the increased retail price of products is caused by packaging innovation

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