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How to change the supply side of agricultural machinery from the perspective of "imported plows"

Abstract: "farmers in Northeast China prefer to buy imported plows from Germany at 10 times the price. Why do they strengthen communication?" Attract public attention. What is the difference between imported and domestic plows

an article published a few days ago: "farmers in Northeast China would rather buy plows imported from Germany at 10 times the price. Why?" Attract public attention. It is not difficult to answer why. First, the imported plowshares are of good quality and do not fall off the chain at the critical moment of busy farming. Second, because new business entities mostly adopt the business model of agricultural machinery professional cooperatives, they have a certain financial ability to say "no" to rotten agricultural machinery. Imported ploughs have become standard equipment for cooperatives. It can be seen that the supply side of agricultural machinery has not kept up with the demand of agricultural economic development, and reform is imminent

what is the difference between imported plows and domestic plows? According to the survey, it includes the following aspects: first, in terms of farming effect, the German five share overturning plough can completely overturn the straw under the soil layer 180 degrees, and the overturning depth can also reach 30 cm required by the black land protection project, while the domestic plough cannot. Second, in terms of adaptability, if the field is a little wet, the domestic plow is easy to jam, and it freezes a few days after the autumn harvest in the northeast. The "acclimatization" of the domestic plow delays the agricultural time, but the imported plow can still work. Third, in terms of durability, the imported plow "has been used for two years, and has not even changed a screw, and there is no rust at all." The domestic plough "only works for more than ten days a year, but several ploughshares have to be changed during this period." Domestic agricultural machines and tools will be scrapped in 8 years, and imported ones will be used for 15 years. Fourth, in terms of efficiency, the imported plow is light to pull, works fast and saves oil. The domestic plough has heavy frame and high fuel consumption, and the oil cost is 1/10 more than that of a mu of land. In short, domestic plows are "a little bad."

the traditional advantage of domestic ploughs is price. The market price of each German raken five share overturning plow is about 250000 yuan, while the domestic five share overturning plow is only about 15000 yuan, and other plows of the same type range from 12000 yuan to 56000 yuan. However, such "advantages" are no longer attractive to today's new business entities. Because their business scale is large, their quality requirements are high, and their dependence on mechanization is also high. Under such pressure, low price is no longer an advantage, but reliable, practical and effective is the first choice. Therefore, in Heilongjiang, Xinjiang and other major grain and cotton producing areas of agricultural machinery markets, more and more plows are imported from Germany, France, the United States and other countries. Not only ploughs, but also power machinery are facing the same problem. In 2009, rakin agricultural machinery began to be sold to China. As of 2016, the sales volume of rayken in China has increased eight times

The supply side reform of agricultural machinery has already started. For domestic agricultural equipment, there are many low-end products and few high-end products; More machinery for grain crops and less machinery for aquaculture; There are many farming machines and few harvesting machines; There are many machines in plain areas and few in mountainous areas; Many experts in the "thousand talents plan" of high-end agricultural machinery production and Professor Wang Hong of the China Academy of building materials science believe that the structural problem of relying on imports of products and key parts and components. The "made in China 2025" released in May 2015 includes "agricultural machinery and equipment" together with the new generation of information technology and aerospace equipment in the top ten areas that the country will focus on. In December 2016, the action plan for the development of agricultural machinery and equipment () jointly issued by the Ministry of agriculture, the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of industry and information technology proposed that by 2025, the categories of agricultural machinery and equipment will be complete, and the technical level of equipment required for the full mechanization of grain crop production will be significantly improved. This year, the No. 1 central document focuses on the supply side reform of agriculture, and the supply side reform of agricultural machinery is one of its important contents

we can develop "NIB steel" and "plowshare steel". China is a large country producing pens, but the nib steel has been imported for a long time. The project was approved by the state in 2011. At present, the pen tip steel has been put into trial production. German rayken company has established a production base in India for elastic test pieces, and has general assembly plants in Russia and Qingdao, China. However, most parts of agricultural machinery still come from Germany, because China has no "suitable steel supplier". According to experts, there have been few major scientific research projects in the domestic plough industry in recent years. After the ninth five year plan, there were almost no scientific research projects on plough tools. The scientific research projects of agricultural equipment in China are oriented to large-scale, multi-functional and intelligent duplex operations. Coupled with inadequate protection of intellectual property rights, agricultural machinery has formed a vicious development model of "industry rise - imitation and plagiarism - high-speed growth - overcapacity"

the supply side structural reform of agricultural machinery is an important part of the agricultural supply side structural reform, which should also take "system reform and mechanism innovation" as the fundamental way. Otherwise, no matter how well the country plans, plans and actions, it will be difficult to implement them. Rayken has developed for more than 200 years. What we need to learn today is not their technology, but their mechanism

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