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Mobile Internet Conference: how can interconnection under intelligent hardware change traditional industries? GMIC 2014 global mobile Internet Conference was held today. It is reported that the current mobile Internet market has been on the eve of the outbreak of intelligent hardware: all kinds of intelligent mobile devices will redefine people's lifestyle

gmic 2014 global mobile Internet Conference was held on May 5. The two-day conference discussed the future development trend of mobile Internet with the theme of connection changing the world to the next 5billion

outbreak of intelligent hardware: from, tablets to various mobile terminals

according to the data of the American Census Association, the total global population in 2013 was 7.1 billion, but there were still 4.4 billion non internet users. In the next decade, the global population will grow by 900million, and potential Internet users will grow to more than 5billion at the same time. The equipment with the fastest speed to complete the coverage of 5billion people is definitely not a traditional PC, but a mobile terminal. The category of mobile terminals has far exceeded that of tablets. At present, the mobile Internet market has been on the eve of the outbreak of intelligent hardware: all kinds of intelligent mobile devices will redefine people's lifestyle

this GMIC conference will set up a mobile device exhibition area. In addition to robots from Japan and Google glass, in the hardware creativity exhibition area, we will see TCL smart bracelet, 37 healthy blood pressure steward, nutshell smart watch and other comfortable creative products from home and abroad, covering mobile Internet fields such as sports, health, smart home and mobile payment

how to internationalize more calmly

in previous years, Chinese Internet enterprises generally arrived at the scene within 2 working days, and going to sea is still a new topic. However, at the moment in 2014, under the precedent of many Chinese enterprises' nationalization, how more enterprises can learn from experience to achieve more leisurely internationalization will be one of the topics of this conference

in addition, speaking of internationalization and localization, there are also international famous enterprises entering China. Is independent operation, Chinese capital and local rapid response a way to replicate in large quantities? How can the new generation of international enterprises understand the Chinese market and better integrate into the Chinese market? These topics were discussed at the round table forum of Chinese companies going to sea and international giants entering China

how does mobile internet change the traditional industry with a large decline in the overall import of extruders this year

at present, Internet and mobile Internet are penetrating into various traditional industries in China, setting off penetrating changes. In 2013, interconnection has been very obvious in local living consumption and finance; In 2014, this trend was listed in fangzhongfu industry; In 2003, various industries such as real estate, agriculture and education were slowly brewing, and even have formed a prairie fire

whether in finance or education, how traditional industries make good use of mobile Internet tools to improve and change their business models will be a topic that needs to be discussed. And the success story of any sub industry may quickly cover other companies in the industry. The speed of mobile Internet transforming traditional industries will be greatly accelerated

How to tell the story of profit

besides games and advertisements, what are the profitable ways to play mobile Internet? When in app shopping and news feed advertising become mature business models, what will be the new profit models of mobile Internet

as mobile Internet becomes a tool or even an idea to transform traditional industries, the ways of profit models will become more diverse. In this iteration effect forum of mobile Internet, industry practitioners will discuss which traditional industries can be transformed by Internet thinking The path and layout of business model mobility. Welded steel pipes for low pressure fluid transmission gb/t3091 ⑵ 001 and other topics

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