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How to carry out lean production management in small and medium-sized enterprises

lean production is the Toyota production management mode, which is the product of contemporary society integrating various tools, methods, theories, technologies and corporate culture of enterprise management. Lean production is not so much a management method as a management art. I saw an article about visiting the Toyota production line, and I also relayed the essence to my friends to share

a man named Dong Qi also visited the Mercedes Benz production line in Beijing before. Through comparison, he felt that the Toyota production line was too humanized, which was beyond imagination. In his article "small improvements to optimize Toyota", he wrote:

Toyota's assembly line is no longer a simple conveyor belt, but a three-dimensional assembly line set up on the roof and beside the workers. In this way, many operations of workers do not need to bend down, which greatly saves labor time and reduces the injury of occupational diseases to workers. Many fast shuttle cars that transport parts beside workers who need more than 1000 tons of high-pressure polyethylene recycled particles every year have no tracks and operators, but they run fast without collision

it is reported that these Toyota transport vehicles use invisible circuit navigation. People only need to brush a special pigment invisible to the naked eye on the floor, and these vehicles will go back and forth according to the scheduled route. When it comes to total quality management, a very important point is full participation and continuous improvement. The workers will constantly put forward small improvement suggestions according to their work at any time, and accumulate over time to make the production line perfect day by day

for example, many places where tools are placed are designed as slopes, so that after operation, the tools will roll back to the original place, which is very convenient. The organization of Toyota's entire assembly line has also changed from the traditional planned production to the "pull production" method, that is, what customers in the downstream of the supply chain need to produce, which effectively reduces inventory and saves costs

in addition, the "Kanban system truly solves the long-standing problems of 3D printing customers" enables Toyota to realize real-time supply and demand information communication with suppliers upstream of the supply chain, thus realizing just in time production, and finally solves the contradiction between assembly line and personalization through large-scale customization. The final product at the end of each Toyota production line is not a model, but a random arrangement of various models. It is said that this is the result of large-scale customized production according to orders

it is said that the most advanced Toyota production line in the world is in Guangzhou, China. When I return to Guangzhou, I must visit Guangzhou Toyota to broaden my horizons and broaden my horizons

the introduction of lean production theory is full of networks, and lectures on lean production are all over the country. The experience of lean production came from Japan, and the theoretical summary was done by more than 50 Americans. In the past two decades, the application of lean production has spread all over the world, and the theory of lean production has been constantly enriched. Lean Six Sigma is the most perfect management method. It is a management method obtained by the combination of Six Sigma management method and lean production method, and represents the highest level of enterprise management in the world

but I always believe that difference is the premise of survival. If any good management theory or method is not combined with the actual situation of the enterprise, it will not bring help and change to the enterprise. Management methods can be learned and applied, while management models can only be used for reference. The essence of lean production management is still inseparable from the enterprise's perfect management system, including a positive, United and cooperative corporate culture. For small and medium-sized enterprises, what should they learn from lean production management? Zhang Guoxiang suggested:

first, learn and introduce total quality management methods

the so-called total quality management is to carry out quality management in an all-round and all-round way. In the 1980s, it was widely implemented in state-owned enterprises and achieved remarkable results. Total quality management emphasizes that quality is produced rather than tested, and the final quality is guaranteed by the quality management in production. The quality inspection and control in the production process are carried out in every process. Such as the three inspection system for the first article, sampling inspection, patrol inspection, etc., to ensure the timely detection of quality problems. If quality problems are found in the production process, according to the situation, production can be stopped immediately until the problem is solved, so as to ensure that there is no invalid processing of unqualified products. This is how products are produced with zero defective quality

second, learning process specification and precision production

optimizing and improving the operation process should become the primary work for enterprises to improve work efficiency and efficiency. Without a standardized way of doing things, there will be no lean production. Precise production requires accurate and careful planning, with the ability to predict and predict. It is required to supply and deliver goods on time for the upper and lower supply chains, and to have zero defective products and zero inventory. For the understanding of process standardization and production standardization, please refer to teacher zhangguoxiang's article "production management of enterprise standardized management"

III. learning continuous optimization and improvement

lean production is both a way to minimize the resources occupied by enterprise production. 1 Dial refers to a production mode with poor sensitivity and the main goal of reducing enterprise management and operating costs, that is, to obtain the maximum output with the minimum input. At the same time, it is a kind of concept and a kind of culture. The implementation of lean production means that the subsidiary purchases from the parent company. It is the pursuit of excellence, the pursuit of excellence and perfection, and continuous efforts to achieve the ultimate goal of seven zeros. So I prefer to call lean production a perfect management art

constantly optimize, eliminate all waste, remove all useless things in the production process, and remove all non value-added posts; Continuous improvement, streamlining of product development, design, production and management of all work that does not produce added value, in the long run, any enterprise can achieve the 70 state of enterprise management

perfect art is the result of accumulation over time. Chinese ancients said that "ambition is high". Pursuing 70 realm should become the goal of enterprise production management. The way to achieve this goal is continuous optimization and improvement. (end)

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