How to change the blanket quickly and well

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How to replace the blanket quickly and well

take pb1920a and pb1615 offset printing machines as examples:

first, distinguish and determine the front and rear bite of the blanket splint

according to the position of the three screw holes fixing the blanket splint in the gap of the rubber drum, distinguish the front (bite edge) and rear (trailing edge) splints, and punch Xinjiang is the core area of the Silk Road Economic Belt on the top and side of the splint, which is obviously convenient and fast; Mark, so as to prevent the rubber blanket from being reversed back and forth or left and right during punching and installation, which will affect the quality of punching and installation

second, judging from the future direction of reform, blanket

1 The warp thread of the blanket must be selected as the tension direction

2. When cutting the blanket, we choose a 930mm x 760mm rectangular PS version that is cut very standard as the cutting "regular version". First place the blanket horizontally perpendicular to the operator in the warp direction, and then measure and mark the required cutting length on the bench with the lower edge of the blanket as the reference line. Then, carefully align the short side (760mm) of the "regular version" with the lower side (baseline) of the blanket along the right cutting mark point, and draw the right cutting edge line along the right side of the "regular version" with a pen; Similarly, translate the "regular version" to the left cutting mark point of the blanket, and draw the left cutting sideline with a pen; Finally, cut along the cutting edge with a knife

III. punching the rubber blanket

first place the splint with screw holes in the front (bite edge) splint on one end of the rubber blanket perpendicular to the meridional direction of the rubber blanket, and place it correctly and press it. Then use a flat cylinder with a length of 50mm and a diameter of 5mm dipped in ink to press the round mark on the blanket through the screw hole, then remove the splint, and punch the round holes one by one with an eye punch according to the round mark on the blanket. In the same way, the hole on the back (trailing tip) of the blanket can be punched out

IV. fastening the blanket

splints with front and rear marks must be used to fasten one end of the corresponding blanket. To ensure the flatness of the blanket, tighten the blanket one by one from the middle to both sides, and try to keep the force uniform when tightening

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