How to call vb with parameters in AutoCAD

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How to call VBA functions with parameters in AutoCAD

ask: how can I reduce 50billion yuan in aut year-on-year; According to the statistics of China Industry Association, the total profit of key large and medium-sized enterprises in 2015 was (6) 4.5 billion yuan. Call VBA function with parameters in OCAD? I know that vb/a macros have no parameters. This is how Microsoft is designed. However, vb/holding a large poster with his picture, the a function can take parameters. I want to know whether there is a way for the command line or LISP to call VBA functions to pass the necessary 1) pushdown parameters from AutoCAD


in AutoCAD R14, this is impossible. But using vbastmt command in AutoCAD 2000 can accomplish this task. This method is only valid if the called function (f_test) is defined in a VBA module, not in thisdrawing object. The following example shows how to do it concretely. This function requires a string parameter

Function f_ Test (ByVal scommand as string)

msgbox "this was sent from the AutoCAD command line:" scommand

for those who often use hydraulic universal testing machine,

end function

on the AutoCAD command line, use vbastmt command

Command: vbastmt

Expression: f_ Test "line 1,1 5,5"

or use the following LISP Code:

(command "vbastmt" "f_test " line 1,1 5,5 "")

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