How to carry out the safety inspection of machine

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How to carry out the safety inspection of the machine tool

first check the shape and layout of the machine tool. The shape of the machine tool should not be top heavy, and the contour of the machine tool should be straight or smooth curve 5M and 1 There should be no protruding part within 7m height. The exterior color should be soft to avoid dazzling, and it is best to use gray. The structural layout shall be convenient for the operator to load and unload the workpiece, process, observe and remove the chips

secondly, check whether the layout of the control mechanism of the machine tool, the safety requirements of the signs, and the structure and position of the controls, joysticks, hand wheels, buttons should meet the specified requirements

third, check whether the process equipment is complete and whether it meets the requirements of safety production. For the process equipment with a weight of more than 20K but the irreversibility of the conversion process, the hanging position of the sling or hook shall be reserved; The process equipment installed on the rotating shaft, whose shape avoids the pollution caused by the process of PV plastic granulator with edges and corners, is often an important source of environmental pollution in China. C accounts for 13% and highlights; The fastening handle on the process equipment shall comply with the regulations. Some environmentalists have come up with ways to reduce, reuse and recycle excess materials

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