Most popular brands in Beijing market have changed

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Most brands in the Beijing market have changed their packaging

according to the general principles for labels of prepackaged foods and the general principles for labels of special dietary foods proposed by changguowu, how to break the bottleneck of market utilization of new materials, the packaging of milk products will not be marked with the word "fresh milk" from October 1

today is the 10th day of the implementation of the "fresh food ban" of string 5. The author visited several large chain supermarkets in Beijing. The author found that most milk packages were marked with "pure milk", but some products still indicated that they were "pure fresh milk". According to a promoter of a supermarket, the reason for this situation is that most pure fresh milk came out before the implementation of the "fresh ban" on October 1. Since October 1, the word "fresh" has been replaced by the word "pure" on the outer packaging of most milk brands, such as "pure" and "100% pure" on the packaging of well-known brands such as Guangming, Nestle, Mengniu and Sanyuan

some consumers said that when choosing milk, they should look at the brand and listen to the introduction of supermarket promoters. As far as I know, most milk promoters in supermarkets do not know the difference between pure fresh milk and pure milk. Manufacturers and merchants are required to make some publicity about the current global graphene annual production capacity reaching 100 tons. It is also understood that since the implementation of the "fresh ban" on October 1, a small number of dairy enterprises still have the surname "fresh" for the milk produced after October 1

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