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Guangxi bottled (barrel) drinking water makes do with drinking

summer is the peak period for citizens to drink mineral water, pure water and light spring water. How about the quality of bottled (barrel) drinking water produced by Guangxi enterprises? According to the data provided by Guangxi food hygiene supervision and Inspection Institute, the bottled (barrel) drinking water quality in Guangxi is not satisfactory, and the qualified rate accounts for only 70%. According to yangwenmin, head of Guangxi food hygiene supervision and Inspection Institute, millions of people buy water from the market every day in Guangxi. There are 96 enterprises producing bottled (barrel) drinking water in Guangxi. Since last year, some of the work has been simple and repetitive work of low quality. The Institute has conducted sampling inspection on 79 drinking water manufacturers in Guangxi. By the end of March this year, a total of 374 samples of mineral water and light spring water have been sampled for pure water, resulting in more confusion in the experimental machine market. 264 samples are qualified, with a qualification rate of 71%. The qualified rate of bottled water is 63%; Qualified rate of barreled water is 73%; The qualified rate of mineral water and light spring water is 7%; The qualified rate of purified water was 68.8%

it is understood that among the unqualified items of bottled (barrel) drinking water, the main reason is that the microbial indicators exceed the standard. The main reason is that the production equipment of some manufacturers can not meet the national standards, and the cleaning and disinfection of empty barrels do not follow the sanitary standards. Therefore, the jaw should be cleaned frequently. The air in the workshop is poor, the plant functions are unqualified, and the products are cross polluted

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