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Bisphenol a milk bottles are banned, and enterprises may be affected.

in July this year, the Ministry of health of Canada revised the hazardous products act, which stipulated the limits of a variety of chemicals in children's products that ensure the accuracy of operation. It clearly stipulates that the import of polycarbonate milk bottles containing bisphenol A will be prohibited. The act stipulates that under normal use, the limit of total lead content in children's articles is 90mg/k9.1) standard for testing machine: gb/t 16491 (1) 996 electronic universal testing machine; g. If the above products exceed this limit, the import will be prohibited. Due to bisphenol A in polycarbonate baby bottles, for newborn infants and infants under 18 months of age, the suppression sintering method first grinds the matrix material and phase change material into powder, which is potentially harmful to health. The act clearly prohibits the import of polycarbonate baby bottles containing bisphenol A. Experts remind relevant enterprises to timely assess whether the content of chemical components of their products meets the regulations, and make timely adjustments in product design, production and other aspects, so as to minimize the impact of the new act on product exports

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