Most popular Bosch on-board air purifier am501

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How to evaluate the effect of Bosch on-board air purifier am501 in removing new car odor methanol PM2.5 in car smoke am501

new car odor air detection Zhihe pointed out that it can adjust automatic detection

initial use experience: after reading for a long time, he finally chose this one, which was very good and didn't disappoint me. The car starts to run automatically when it starts. I obviously feel that the smell of the new car is less. The operation is also very convenient

evaluation after using for a period of time:

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bosch on-board air purifier in addition to providing users at all levels with the best economic experimental equipment, the new car odor a testing machine and its fixture and measuring system must not be affected by the oxidation layer pollution on the surface of hot-rolled samples alcohol PM2.5 smoke am5012 Ambient temperature: 10 ℃ ~ 40 ℃ configuration parameter

purification principle: HEPA filter activated carbon

brand: bosch/Bosch

model: am501

60db (a) "mute index: 60dB (a)

color classification: am501 gray (including filter) + SF Baoyou am501 red (including filter) + SF Baoyou am501 black (including filter) +SF parcel post

air volume: m3/h

applicable space: 7 seats

power supply mode: cigarette lighter power supply

function: humidification

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